Cymath – Math Problem Solver App | Download Cymath Apk Latest Version for Android

There are different types of education apps in Google Play Store for Android users. These Apps are meant to spread awareness and fill knowledge into the minds of the users.Thousands of apps related to Education are available on PlayStore, Cymath app is one among them.  Cymath math problem solver app, as the name suggests is a problem-solving app designed for Android platforms.  The app lets the users solve the math problems on the go.  It uses the match engine that helps to solve the problems step by step.  If you are worried that you couldn’t complete your math homework, then you can simply enter the problem in the Cymath app and it will generate the solutions in steps.

Step-by-step displaying of the problem is the best feature of Cymath app.  You can just take a note of the solution from the app.  The app provides math problems for algebra, calculus etc.  You can get clear solutions for each and every type of questions from your homework.  Not just the final answer, the app generates step-by-step procedure to get the answer.  If you are in a hurry to complete your homework or want to cross check if your answer is right or wrong then you can take the help of this Cymath math problem solver app.

cymath math solver with steps free online

Cymath Math Problem Solver App for Android

Cymath math problem solver app covers a lot of syllabi.  The topics covered in algebra include equation solving, factoring, logarithms, exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometry, partial fraction, polynomial division, etc. Topics in calculus include product rule, quotient rule, chain rule, u-substitution, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction, trigonometric substitution, rationalizing substitution etc.  The app provides answers and stepwise solutions for all the above topics.  The app only provides appropriate answers and steps, so students need not worry about the correctness of the answer.

The Cymath app uses the math engine to solve the problems.  There are millions and millions of loyal users worldwide who are using Cymath app on a regular basis.  The app solves simple, moderate to tough problems in no time.  The latest version of the app is 2.11.  The app requires Android version 4.1 and up.  With the latest update, Cymath can read your handwriting.

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How to download Cymath math problem solver app for android?

The latest version of Cymath math problem solver apk is 2.11.  It has many bugs fixed and many updates added to its cap.  The app is available for download in Google Play Store.

  • Download latest version of Cymath app from Google Play Store. Here is the link to their official website..Have a glance
  • The app gets downloaded into your device and you can tap on it to start the installation.
  • Agree the terms and conditions start the installation process.
  • The app gets installed into your smartphone and you can start using it to solve your math problems. It will give you answers in less than a minute.

This detailed talk on Cymath App helped you. Share it with your friends and relatives,they may find it useful.

Best Apps to Listen to Music offline 2017 | Listen Songs without Internet or WiFi on Android

Music is a divine gift for all the people. It is the best boon given to the folks especially the music adorers. Whenever you listen to soothing music when you are quite dull it will turn your mind active. it lets you get out from the depression and stay happy all through the day. Usually, people love listening to music when they are traveling to some trip or going for a vacation with their family members. Currently, on the web, we have innumerable sources that offer the best music for all the music folks.Here we have listed out Apps to Enjoy Music with out any Hotspot or Internet Connection.

Top 5 Android Apps for Listening  Songs Offline Without Wifi

Offline Music

Sometimes, you need to have a proper internet connection so as to listen to music online. If in case, you don’t have the internet available in some location then, there are some best apps that help you to listen to the music offline. Yes, there are such apps available in the market. This is truly one of the cheerful news for the users of Android and iOS devices. Here, in this post, we have compiled the list of the best apps so as to listen to music without having Wi-Fi or the internet on your Android and iOS device. Have a look!

#1 Pandora

pandora music app

Pandora is the best music app that allows the users to listen to their favorite music tracks without having an internet connection. You can find a massive collection of music and songs on this app. There are numerous features available on this app. You can create your own radio station using this app. This app is available for free of cost but with ads. If you wish to listen to ad-free songs, you need to spend $4.99 per month.

Google Play Store : Download Link

#2 SoundCloud

soundcloud music app

SoundCloud is another best music app to listen to music offline without the need internet. This app allows the users to upload their desired tracks on this app with much ease. You can also share your desired music albums with the social media. In order to make use of this app, you need to sign up and follow some of the popular artists on this app.

Google Play Store : Link

#3 IHeartRadio

iheartradio music app

It is one of the popular music streaming apps available on the web for all the music lovers. Using this app, you can easily listen to your favorite tracks without any hassle. This app streams more than 800 radio stations all through the country US. This app has a massive collection of songs from all genres or categories. The iHeartRadio app is compatible with Android and iOS device platforms.In our previous article we have listed out best Android Apps to Download Music..Just go through it once.

Download Link :  Google Play Store iHeartRadio

#4 Beats Music

It is another best music app that allows the users listen to their desired tracks offline. This app streams music from different popular sources such as Academy of Country Music and Rolling Stone. Using the search field, you can explore for your desired genres and artists with much ease.

#5 Spotify

spotify app

Spotify is the best music streaming application that has millions of music tracks available on the web. This app lets you connect to Facebook and listen to your preferred songs.

Download link : Spotify App

Hope we have covered enough information on best Music Apps which supports offline Music.Guys if we have missed out any other important app,please do let us know.We will update this article.

Google Chrome Apk Download | Chrome Browser Latest Version for Android | Chrome Update Apk

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers.  It is best known for its fastest speed of browsing.  The app is designed to run on Android platforms.  It is an easy-to-operate application that comes with secure web browsing.  The app brings quick links and favorite sites, Google search, Google Translate built-in handy.  Browse fast with the help of Google Chrome browser.  You can easily visit previously visited pages using this Chrome browser.  The developers of this browser update it quite often to make it better and way too better.  The auto-fill feature saves a lot of time by filling the forms quickly.

The Incognito browsing will help the users browse the internet without saving the history.  Users can browse privately in all the devices.  On signing into Chrome, the bookmarks, passwords, and settings will be automatically synced.  The info can be accessed in a flow from your phone, laptop or PC.  With the help of new tab page, users are just a tap away from their favorite page or site.  It also has the ‘touch to search’ feature on its web page.  With a simple tap on any word or phrase, users can start Google search while staying on the same page.

Similarly Installing Google Chrome Browser on Windows PC is very simple and it can be done in single mouse click.Here in our previous article we have covered best Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail, just have a look at it.

android app for chrome

Google Chrome Apk Download

Google Chrome browser is a widely used fastest web browser.  The browser has got many latest updates from its developers.  Now, users can view and manage in-progress downloads on the Downloads page.  The history page has been redesigned and so now users can easily clear browsing data.  To open a new Chrome tab, users can long-press the link from Chrome Custom Tabs.  Most of the bugs have been fixed and the performance of the browser has been improved as well.  Google Chrome apk has lots of interesting features.

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Features of Google Chrome apk

  • Chrome browser comes with safe browsing built-in feature that keeps your phone safe by notifying the user with warnings whenever a virus filled link is clicked.
  • Chrome browser comes with separate download button to download videos, images, movies etc with the single tap. Users can access the downloaded stuff even by staying offline.
  • The Google voice search feature is one of the best features Chrome browser offers. Users can search for the stuff using their voice.  You need not use your hands all the time, your voice will do the work.
  • The Google translate feature is also an interesting one. It helps to translate an entire page into your own language with a single tap.
  • The data saver feature will help save mobile data.  It uses less data speed to navigate to different pages.
  • Chrome browser also put forth’s recommendations based on the previous browsing history.

How to download Google Chrome apk latest version for Android?

  • Download Google Chrome apk from Play Store.
  • Tap on the apk to start the installation process.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to complete the installation.
  • After successful installation, tap on the browser to launch it.

Very Simple Right ? yes downloading and  installing Google Chrome App on android is very easy and can be done in few minutes.Guys if you have any suggestions and comments then please do let us know in the comments section.

Best 10 Music Download Apps for Android Phone in October 2017 | Android Music Downloader

Music is loved by many.  It has no religion and it blurs the limitations if any.  There are days when we people used to download the music to our PCs and then transfer it to our phones through a cable, but those days are long gone.  The technology has brought everything at a distance of hand.  We can now do anything and everything with the help of technology right from our coaches.  We need not follow the long-old-age-process anymore to download music.  We can just get the music of your liking with the help of music applications.

10 Free Music Download Apps | Mp3 Songs Downloader Apk for Android

Free Music Download apps in 2017

There are hundreds and thousands of music applications in the online market right now.  Each of the music apps has its own set of unique features and is best in its own way.  It is not possible for you to know about each and every music app and you cannot sit and test each of the apps by yourself.  So, we are here to present you the top 10 music download apps for android phones in 2017.  After reading this article, you will sure shot get to know the best music apps in the world.  You can even give each of the apps a try and find out which matches your music preferences most.

#01 4Shared

4Shared is one of the best music apps we have for android.  It has the most downloads as per the reports.  As the name says, unlimited files are shared by its users on its database.  Users can not only share and download music from the app but also can share and download videos files, images, and other stuff.  The user interface is quite good as well.  It is an ad-free music app which is why many users prefer it.

#02 Spotify

Spotify is a free mobile app designed for mobiles and tablets.  The user can listen to the world of music with Spotify.  The user can search for music based on artist, albums, title etc.  It is quite easy to play any song from anywhere using Spotify  Easy to download and listen offline.  The app comes with amazing sound quality and zero ads.  It offers unlimited music collection from in and around the world for free.  You can find almost all genres of music with the help of Spotify.

#03 Google Play Music

This app is designed by search giant Google and is one of the best product from Google.  The app is available in the Google Play Store for free download.  It provides free, ad-supported radio and music to its users to an unrestricted limit.  The user can tune into different radio stations based on songs, artists, albums, genre, etc.  It has thousands of songs to offer and it makes smart recommendations of music based on users’ taste and mood.

#04 Rock My Run

Rock My Run is a motivational music app for fitness.  The app works with best DJs in the world to mix the songs.  It motivates the listener to do better at the workout.  It is the best exercise music app in the world that moves the door.  The app mixes build in Beats Per Minute during a workout to help the listener keep going.  The song selection is quite interesting and the user can get best workout experience with it.  It covers a huge list of genres like Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, house, dubstep, drum, oldies, latin etc.

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Best Music apps to listen music Offline for free

#05 Gaana

Gaana is a one-stop solution for all music needs.  It provides unlimited access to a huge list of Hindi songs, Bollywood music, Regional Music etc from anywhere.  It offers songs in various languages from new to oldies.  It lists all the top chart songs from all genres and languages.  The discover section will help the user explore new and interesting music from the world.

#06 SoundCloud

Soundcloud is yet another top-notch music app that is used by millions across the world.  The app lets the user discover new and trending numbers from the world.  The user can list favorite tracks of any genre from anywhere for free.  The user can personalize the songs by hitting like to listen later.  It is easy to create playlists depending on mood, genre, category etc.  The user can play, pause, and skip tracks from the lock screen itself.

#07 MP3 Music Download

MP3 Music download app offers CC-licensed free mp3 music for free download.  It is very easy to search for your favorite music from around the world of different artists and genres. Users can download high qualify mp3 music from the app.  It is the fastest mp3 streaming app.  Users can download any number of songs from anywhere using Mp3 Music download app.

#08 Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is powered by Music Genome Project.  It is the most popular radio app that offers a wide range of music for free to its users.  It gives the user personalized radio that plays as per the interests of the user.  A user can create personalized stations from songs, artists, genres etc.  The user can also create an account and listen on the desktop, mobile, TVs, and home devices.

#09 YouTube Music

YouTube is a sensation since its arrival and YouTube Music falls no short of it.  YouTube Music offers all sorts of music for free to its users.  It is the best app to explore a great collection of music from around the world.  The user can create personalized stations as per the tastes.  The app also offers concert footage and live recordings.  It has an endless catalog of songs that range from oldies to newbie songs.  With YouTube, a Red user can enjoy free music.

#10 Wynk

Wynk Music is a popular music app used by millions of users across the globe.  It comes with a huge music library that addresses a wide range of genres like Bollywood, pop, rock, party, English etc.  The app can also be used as the Mp3 music player.  You can stream unlimited high-quality songs for free.  The app ever buffers free music at low internet speed and operates absolutely well on the mobile internet.  It also has Chromecast support.

These are the top 10 music download apps for android in 2017.  Choose the app that suits your taste and enjoys soulful music.


Zapya for PC | Zapya for Windows PC 7/8.1/10 Free Download | Zapya Apk Free Download

Many people are getting tired of share and transfer of files from one computer to other devices. At present, there are many applications available in the market to fulfill our thirst and needs. Now we got a new tool to share and transfer files from one device to another device and it’s time to say goodbye to Bluetooth, Airdrops and USB cables, which we used earlier.

Zapya is a free peer to peer file sharing tool. Zapya is a wireless file sharing application which saves your time to transfer the files. Zapya for PC application comes with the transfer rate of about 10  Mb/second which is far better than many other file-sharing applications. This application helps to transfer files at anywhere with high speed. You can share everything like videos, MP3 songs, documents in any format and size without any restrictions. By using this application you can share your files to other devices like Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Android Phone etc., from your PC.

To enjoy the high-speed file transfers, you have to download Zapya application for your PC and Android mobile device. Follow below-mentioned methods and instructions to download Zapya for Android and PC without any fail.

zapya for pc free download

Zapya for PC Free Download

Zapya is an amazing file sharing application which transfers files at any time without any internet connection.  It can work even in the offline mode. It has a feature of cross-platform sharing like Windows Phone, Android, iOS. It allows you to see other connected friends applications. You can easily get that application into your PC without downloading from the web. 10mb/s is the average transfer rate for sharing data to others.  It is the most popular tool to transfer contacts, SMS, and games.  Zapya has some unique features like playing music and video files. Zapya is officially available for PC on Windows XP/10/8.1/8/7 desktop, laptop, computer; so anyone can download Zapya for free of cost.

Features of Zapya Application

  1. Zapya application is faster than Bluetooth and you can use this without USB cables and Airdrop. 10mb/s is the average transfer rate for sharing data to others over PC.
  2. You can send files simultaneously to a group of people instantly with the help of Group sharing feature in Zapya. At a time four members can connect.
  3. You can share the files and data content to others through QR codes. You can generate personalized QR codes. By scanning that code you can easily get the data content and also can join a group.
  4. You can share files with other platform devices like Android, Windows Phone, and IOS.
  5. Zapya has no limit, you can share any file with any size. You can share any kind of data at any time and at any place.
  6. You can safeguard your data easily by using zapya data backup option. This backup facility helps you to keep your data safe.
  7. You can use zapya in offline mode. You can share files with others without any data connection.
  8. It supports many languages like English (Default), Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, and Portuguese.
  9. You can play multiplayer games with your friends and family.

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Download Free Zapya for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Using Zapya for PC tool, you can send anything to other devices in the more secure way. It’s time for you to choose the best application over millions of applications. Let’s start downloading the high-speed file sharing application on your own PC (Windows xp/7/8/8.1/10). The developers of this app were currently working on the beta version of it.  The latest beta version of Zapya is 5.0.2.  Users who wish to try this app can download the beta version and give it a try.

Zapya For Windows PC: Installation Procedure

  1. Go to the official website to download Zapya for windows PC
  2. After that install the application by clicking on .exe file which we downloaded earlier.
  3. After finishing the installation process you can find the Zapya icon on your desktop.
  4. Click on Zapya to open the application and connect with your friend and share application by clicking on the send button.
  5. You can also share data using QR code to other devices
  6. Zappy also has an option to retrieve the recorded history by clicking on the records tab.

Download & Install Zapya on PC Using Android Emulators

Before you start downloading the Zapya tool, first you need to download an Android Emulator. Most used Android emulator for Windows and MAC are Android & Bluestacks. Here I will tell you how to use Bluestacks Android Emulator.  So let’s have a look on how to download BlueStacks on your PC.

  1. Go to the official page and download BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Click on the downloaded executable file and then click on “Run” button to start an installation of BlueStacks.
  3. After that, you will come across with few instructions which need to be read carefully and ticked appropriately to complete the installation process.
  4. After finishing the installation, you can find BlueStacks icon on your Desktop.
  5. Click on the icon to open BlueStacks and then click on the search icon and type Zapya into the search box.
  6. Click on Zapya application in the search result and then click on install button to start the installation process.
  7. Open the app and enjoy the high-speed wireless sharing application.

System Requirements : 

Before starting the installation process, system requirements need to be matched with the application that you are downloading onto your PC. See the system requirements below.

  1. The system should have at least 4GB RAM, if it has more than that, then you will have the best experience.
  2. The system should have the latest version of the graphic driver installed. If you are using Windows, you have to update it manually.
  3. The system should have enough storage in the C Drive (in Windows).
  4. Monitor with HD resolution should be connected to the system, to see the pixels clearly.

Above mentioned are the requirements to install zapya file sharing application. Once all the requirements are matched, you can begin the installation process.

Zapya for PC helps you to share a huge file to others within less amount of time. I hope while using Zapya For PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP & Vista and Mac Computers you feel much more comfortable and experience flashing speed while sharing huge files.

10 Best Android Ad Blocker Apps | Pop-Up Free, Adfree Android | Adaway Without Root | NoRoot Ad-Remover

When you are totally indulged in your most favorite game and suddenly an advert pops up. There can be nothing more frustrating than this. There is one thing that we all know about the ads and that is they are everywhere and extremely annoying. Patience guy would simply ignore them, but not all have that patience level. So if you are looking for the ways to get rid of those annoying pop-ups and ads, then this precise tutorial is going to walk you through with ease.

One thing that most of the people are unaware is that pop-up ad is not just omnipresent, but they are also a huge threat to your device. They don’t just mess up with your brains, but your androids as well. How? If you are on limited data, then you will end up paying more in case you accidentally download them or press any button that consumes data.Another Problem of Pop Up Ads is,you battery Drains Quickly. Fortunately, there are easy ways out to get rid of popup ads on Android, so let’s get started.

4 Steps To Stop Ads For Unrooted Android

Step 1

Get DNS66 Installed

This is one useful app that is going to assist you with your mission to be successful. It is going to work for the non -rooted device. There are two best things about this app; it is free and will not drain your battery. Just make sure to get the app from the trustworthy sources to avoid bugs and dangerous viruses. After getting the app install follow these steps.

  • Scroll to Packages section
  • Tap on the “Download apk”
  • Tap on Download Complete to launch the apk  file
  • Press install

Step 2

Select The Domain Filters

After launching the DNS application you will get a setup guide. Get started with domain a filter that is displayed at the screen bottom.  Pick at least one ad-blocking file. It is recommended that you select “Adaway hosts file”. You can complete this step by tapping on the dot which is a red color present on the left side.  When this step is completed the dot will change its color to green.

Step 3

Enable VPN Service

From the bottom, menu heads back to the Stop/Start available at the screen top side. Here you will find a notification that will notify you about the downloading process of the host’s file. You will have to wait until the process is finished.  After finishing long press the power icon. This will enable VPN ad-blocking and afterward press the OK button.

Step 4

Mission Accomplished!

Now all the frustrating applications are blocked on your browser including other applications present on your Android Smartphone or tablets. After activating this service you will see an icon of a key and it will be now present all the time.

This was just a part of the entire story that will help you in blocking pop up ads. Getting ahead with our tutorial here are other different ways to block them on different browsers.

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Enable Chrome’s Pop-Up Blocking Feature

Chrome is a nice browser and this is the reason why many like to use it instead of others. it is having its own pretty cool features and if you are not aware of this fact, then you will be happy to discover that adverts can be easily blocked with just a few clicks and you will not need a separate Ad blocker for chrome on android.

  • Launch the browser
  • Tap on the 3 dots present at the upright corner
  • Choose settings>site settings
  • Reach pop-ups and slide to block
  • Done

Download & Install Ad Blocker For Opera

If you are a user of Opera browser, then you will be glad to know that opera is having an in build ad blocker, which makes it extremely easy to block those annoying apps within seconds.  There is no need to go through special instructions to get the job done. Just install opera and enjoy ad-free browsing.

The popular browser has their own features of blocking up ads without any challenge. Moreover, there are ad-free browsers also available, but they might be less trustworthy for some.  Well, if all these tricks and features did not impress you much, then here are the 10 best popup blocker android applications, which you can choose to install on your androids and enjoy.  Most of the applications listed here are open-source and free.

Best 10 Ad Block Apps for Android


Adguard ad blocker

If you are looking for a powerful ad blocker, then AdGuard is what you need for your Androids.  It is pretty cool because of its remarkable features such as protection, filtration, phishing sites and online tracking. If you have no idea what are these features benefits, then pay attention here it saves bandwidth, improves the loading time of the webpage and protects your devices against all the potential dangers.

Play Store link: Download Now


adaway ad blocker

It will not let advertisements obstruct your browsing fun. It uses a hosts file to block apps and lets you surf the web and use all sorts of Android applications. It works by redirecting application requests to the local host.  You get an option to pick up your own hosts file. Moreover, there is no root access required.

Follow : Download Link 



Seven Adclear

It is one of the leading ads blockers on which you can rely on. Designed for the non-rooted devices makes it preferable and convenient. It is a free application and capable to block even the YouTube advertisements. There can be nothing more impressive than this feature. It can block all the intrusive and encrypted adverts in both the applications as well as web browsing.

Download Adclear: Link 


netguard ad blocker

This application flourishes users with the simplest technique to block ads but incorporates advanced technology to get the job done. You have to add the list or app and allow or deny the access to the web. This app really aids you in saving a pretty good amount of data. Its simple interface will entice you.

Download Link: Google Play Store


5.Free Ad Blocker Browser

Free Ad Blocker

The app is developed by Rocket shield Inc which makes it reliable to install on your devices. It makes the internet browsing experience ad-free with easy and simple way. It can block video ads, blocks banners resulting in enjoyable web browsing experience with no disturbance of adverts anymore. This application is powerful and also saves bandwidth.

Download From Play Store

6.Brave Browser

brave ad blocker

This ad blocker is designed for efficiency, speed and for effective blocking of the annoying applications that put a halt to your fun. On the other hand, it provides protection for data by enforcing HTTPS requests providing more control over the web cookies. When this application works it also promise you to save battery usage resulting in an improvement of overall device performance.

Download Link: Click Here

7.Cygery AdSkip

As suggested by the name it is clear that it can assist your device in dealing with the not so required applications. It is the most convenient app for the users who like to watch YouTube videos but without any interference. It automatically tabs itself on the ‘Ski Ad ‘button when you are enjoying YouTube videos.  From your part, there is no action required. There is no need to root your device.

Download Link: Click here

8.Disconnect Pro

disconnect ad blocker

To get this app you will have to spend some money because this app falls in the category of premium ad blocking applications. This application is going to give you a full control over privacy including the blocking feature that negatively impacts the bandwidth and battery life.  It can remove ads effectively and also protects your privacy. It also offers VPN arrangements, but a bit costly deal. If you fear about your privacy, then this is the application you need.

Download Link: Click Here


9.Block This

block this ad blocker for android

It’s an open-source application that is DNS based and is available for free to use on your android devices. It holds the potential to block different types of ads in the app and web browser without worrying about the format like video, audio or an image. This impressive app is going to block every ad that annoys you amid browsing the web or using any application. This app is also going to take responsibility for your privacy, does not require root and also provides access to the web pages which are inaccessible.

Download Block This App: Click here


yu browser ad blocker

If you are looking for a full-fledged advert blocking an app, then here your search ends. It offers users with the remarkable optimized internet surfing fun on all of your Android devices. There are plenty of features like night mode, audio support, filter ads and web defender that can keep the trackers at a bay to prevent data wastage. It also takes care of your privacy.

Download Yu Browser Ad Blocker: Click here


These are the top 10 best apps to stop pop up ads on android phone to pick from. You can definitely rely on this application. The best part there is no root required and a majority of them are free to install.  Just pick your app and from now enjoy ad-free browsing with no annoyance or frustration. Happy browsing!

Latest Facetime Apk Download for Android Smartphones | Best Video Call App for Android

People have quite accustomed to the advancement in the technology. This progress in the technology allows the users to make use of different beneficial apps on their device. Earlier, people suffered a lot in order to contact their relatives or family members as there was no such communication system available for people. But now, people can communicate with their friends or family people instantly through different instant messaging apps and free voice or video calling apps available on the web. On the web, there are copious apps for making calls both voice and video over an internet connection. There are different apps in order to make calls and send messages respectively.

Facetime APK Download For Android, Android Video Call Apps

What is Facetime App? | How Do I Download & Install Facetime App for Android?

For people who stay abroad away from their families make use of various video calling apps so that they can speak to their loving ones face to face. There are innumerable video based apps available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. FaceTime is one of the best video calling application available for both Android and iOS device users for free of cost. In this post, we have come up with a detailed step by step guide to download and install FaceTime app APK for free on your Android device. Check it out!

FaceTime for Android

FaceTime app allows the users to make free video calls with their friends and beloved ones. Besides making free video calls, the users can also send unlimited messages to their friends either individually or in groups. The users can make use of interactive stickers and emojis along with the message you send across your friends. The users can also share their multimedia photos, videos and a lot more for free of cost. This app is compatible with iOS and Android device platforms. The users can easily download the latest APK version of FaceTime app for free on their Android device following the procedure provided below in this post.Want to download Facetime App on Windows 10 PC , here is good tutorial which can help you.

Download Facetime For Android: Click Here

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How to download & Install Latest Facetime Apk on Android Smartphones?

The current latest version of the APK file of FaceTime app is 5.1.1. The size of the downloadable file of FaceTime app is 20.5MB. This app belongs to the category of communication. The developers of this app updated it on 7th September 2016. Here are the simple steps that help the users to download and install FaceTime APK app on their Android smartphones:

  • First of all, you need to download the latest version of FaceTime app APK.
  • After completing the downloading process, you need to make sure that you have acquired app permissions from your Android device.
  • You can now head over the notifications page or download page on your Android device.
  • Just click on the downloaded file of FaceTime app Apk and hit the install button.
  • You can now complete the downloading process with much ease just by following the on-screen steps.
  • The users can now launch the FaceTime app on their Android smartphone.

That’s all! This is the easy process to download and install FaceTime app on their Android device. You can now start making face to face call with your loving ones no matter how far you live from them.


How Whatsapp Web Works ? Fix Whatsapp QR Code Scan Not Working | Whatsapp Web Download

We all use Whatsapp on our smartphones or mobile devices. A lot of people communicate with others through this easy to use messaging app. These days, the popular mobile app gives us a chance to access our chats on the PC or laptop via a service, known as Whatsapp Web.You will be amazed to know that this service is using QR codes to authenticate the identity. Can you guess what? There is no need of username, email id, and even password for authentication purposes.

It is your smartphone, which is used as a key to use the Whatsapp Web. Prior to using this web service, there are lots of essential things you will have to clear about the Whatsapp Web.

What is Whatsapp QR code? 

Whatsapp web QR Code

Let’s get started with the QR code or Whatsapp Scan Code, what is it actually? It is a 2D barcode, which will be able to store much more information as compared to a traditional ID barcode. We can decode the information just by scanning the QR code with an app on the smartphone. You would be glad to know that these codes are used for different things in common terms such as authentication, marketing and advertising, and also inventory management.

At the same time, it is also important to know, how does Whatsapp for web work? With this service, you can send and receive messages within the browser like Google Chrome on PC in the same manner like the smartphone app. In addition, syncing can also take place across devices for messages that include images and texts also, as you do on the smartphone.

There is an addition of some particular desktop notification settings, which allow you to receive alerts. It depends on you whether or not you want the sound based notifications. It is also possible that you can turn off alerts for some periods like one hour, one or two days, or even weeks.

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How to run the Whatsapp Web?

When you are interested in running the Whatsapp web, you will need to have the Google Chrome as a web browser on your laptop or desktop. This browser is already available for all laptops, but if not, it is very easy to install it. This service also supports Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. How to Scan Whatsapp Web QR Code? Next, you will know the steps that you should follow for scanning the QR code.

  • Firstly, you will have to go to by using your browser on the computer.
  • Next, you will have the availability of the QR code. You should keep one thing in mind that the QR code is dynamic so that it will alter every few seconds.
  • Now, the next step is to open the Whatsapp on your phone. You can access this service on many devices such as iPhones, Nokia S60, Android, Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO, Windows Phone 8.0 & 8.1, BB10, and Blackberry smartphones.
  • After that, tap on the ‘More Options’ button located on the top right corner. Here, you will see the option ‘Whatsapp Web’, click on it.

whatsapp web Mobile

  • The screen will be available, where you will have to click on ‘+’ sign that is located on the top right corner. Now, the scanner will be opened.
  • With the help of this scanner, you can easily scan the QR code on the screen of the browser. This way, you will be done with the authentication process.

web whatsapp mobile

Now, you can see your chats on the computer as well. Without a stable internet connection, you cannot complete this process. So, you will need a good internet connection on both the devices so that the Whatsapp Web can work.

What is about the confidentiality?

It is natural to have some concerns about the privacy when you are using the Whatsapp Web. Of course, you do not want to be hacked. For that reason, there is an option known as ‘Keep me signed in’ that you see while setting up the Whatsapp Web. By unchecking this box, you can get signed out if there is no activity in your browser. And then, scanning needs to be done again to have an access.

Sometimes, any other person may trap you by having an access to your scan code. It is possible, ‘How to know who has scanned my Whatsapp QR code’, but you can know ‘How to log out from that device’. There is an option, which can be used to get logged out of all the devices while checking the status of your web connections. By going to the Whatsapp web, you can see where else you are logged in by clicking on the option ‘log out from all computers’ from your smartphone.

Fix Whatsapp Web QR code scan not working

In any case, if the Whatsapp Web QR Code is not working, make sure that you have installed the supported app version on your mobile and you are already utilizing it. The best method to fix this issue is to use the high camera quality and increase the browser size.

If you are willing to get familiar with the fact How to use Whatsapp on PC /laptop without scanning the QR code, then you are left with nothing because it is not possible to do this. If you use the normal reader, you will get only a plain text. And this is why Whatsapp send this text to your own server to permit you a session in the browser.

Needs QR Code re-scanning or not?

Without re-scanning, the QR code again, is it possible to login to web Whatsapp again? Yes, it is possible, because once you are logged in using the Whatsapp Scan Code; there is no need to scan the code again and again until you do not get logged out. Even, you do not need your phone to get logged in.Once the session is logged off, re-scanning of the QR code is important to go through.

Hence, it is all about using the Whatsapp Web on the PC or laptop with this simple process.

How to Enable or Disable Facetime on iPhone & iPad | Turn On & Turn Off Facetime | Facetime Settings

Facetime app is an excellent video calling application available for all the users across the world for iPhone and iPad devices. This app lets the users to easily start their face to face conversation with their friends and beloved ones. Sometimes, the users don’t like using Facetime app on their device. In such case, the users can either enable or disable Facetime app on various iOS devices like iPhone and iPad devices. There are some parental controls available on the Facetime app for various iOS devices to restrict this app for some of the users. Here is the step by step procedure that helps the users to enable, disable and restrict Facetime app on iPhone and iPad devices.

How to Enable Facetime on iOS Devices like iPhone & iPad?

Enable or Disable Facetime for iPhone IPad

Here are the simple steps the help the users to turn on or enable FaceTime app on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad:

For More Support from Apple regarding Facetime App Click here

  • First of all, the users need to navigate to Settings from their home screen on iPhone or iPad.
  • The users need to click on the FaceTime app present in Settings.
  • You can now click on the enable button present next to FaceTime app.
  • This way, you can turn on or enable Facetime app on your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • FaceTime app will now commence the activation process and the users can easily begin their video chat conversations with their friends and loving ones.

Want to Download Facetime for Android? Click here

How to Disable Facetime on iPhone & iPad?

Here are the easy steps the assist the users to turn off or disable FaceTime app on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad:

  • First of all, the users need to navigate to Settings from their home page on their iPhone or iPad devices.
  • The users need to simply tap on the FaceTime app from Settings.
  • You can then tap on the disable button there next to FaceTime app.
  • This way, the users can turn off or disable Facetime app on their iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • FaceTime app will now re-enable or disable on your iPhone or iPad devices. The users can get back to settings and turn the Facetime app off with much ease.

How to Restrict Facetime on iPhone & iPad?

You can make use of the parental controls in order to restrict Facetime app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

  • First of all, you need to switch on restrictions.
  • You can navigate to Settings >> General >> restrictions on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You need to scroll down below to enable restrictions from Facetime app.
  • After enabling the restrictions, the users need to generate a restrictions passcode.
  • The restrictions passcode used to alter the settings or simply turn it off when not required.
  • Even if you forget the passcode, you need to erase your phone and set it as a new device.

These are the simple steps that assist the users in enabling, disabling and restrict Facetime app on your iPhone and iPad devices.

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7 Best Mail Merge for Gmail Chrome Extensions | Gmail Addons Chrome | Gmail Extensions For Chrome

Are you one of those tech savvy individuals who like to stay up- to- date regarding the latest tech and apps that are there around and use them to their full potential to simplify your life and do multiple tasks with versatility and efficiency? Then you must be adept in using Gmail to manage your professional and personal life to stay in touch with your business associates, colleagues, and friends and family. If so, then it is the time that you try out a new feature called “Mail Merge” that lets you send personalized emails from Gmail and/ or Chrome apps to multiple people simultaneously.

Available as a mail merge Google Chrome add-on that is akin to a mobile app and can be added as an extension to your Chrome browser, there are several apps that provide great features alongside mail merger option, plus they are pretty simple to install and use.

Best Mail Merge Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail

EmailBee Mail Merge

It is a great platform to build a relationship with your customers as EmailBee lets you send personalized emails to a number of your customers, at once. Either you can create a new email or reuse a template, which can be modified or personalized so that you can effortlessly add an image, online links and format the email according to your preference before sending it. The emails can also include your signature and footer so that it has your company’s essence. EmailBee also lets you import your recipient’s emails and add additional information next to their names for future reference so that you can quickly select the people you want to send email to. In this, you can also simply save and resend the templates that you frequently use so that you can save a lot of time in the future. If a recipient unsubscribes to, then you get a notification regarding this.

Gmail Chrome Extensions

For Free Download from Play store: “Click here”


You can get Mixmax as a Gmail merge Chrome extension so that you can also do a lot many things in addition to mail mergers. Even in a group email, you can see who has opened an email or downloaded an attachment. It can be synched with Google Calendar so that you can schedule any meeting and also set reminders so that you don’t miss on any event. Mixmax lets you schedule the created emails so that they can be sent later at your convenience. You can also add polls and surveys to your emails so that you can get better feedback from your customers. You can write templates and then use them again multiple times in the future so that you are able to save your precious time. You can also add web previews within the email for better clarity of an idea and so that one is not required to browse away from the mail to check a web link.  You are also able to create interactive emails with HTML that does not even require you to be an expert in coding.


For Download Mixmax addon :“Click here”

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MyriadHub: Mail Merge

MyriadHub lets you mail merge for Gmail and responds to a single recipient without confusion even if the conversation is a part of a large group and see who has opened the mail out of a number of people. You can use custom or pre-existing templates, add GIFs and each conversation is archived as a spreadsheet for clearer representation. It enables you to present spreadsheet data alongside the recipient’s name. This spreadsheet also enables you to keep track of follow up email responses and even keep track of subgroup emails for clarity and to prevent any confusion in communication.


For Free Download from Google Play store: “Click here”

SilvrBullet – Mail Merge for Gmail

This merge email app is capable of launching sales campaign which is automated without crowding the group email for greater fluidity and ease, alongside letting you send mail merge to a large number of people to save your time and efforts.


Click here” to for free download  SilvrBullet-Mail Merge.

GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail

GMass is a free mail merge for Gmail that is effective in supporting email marketing that is simple as well as powerful. Its efficacy can be established from the fact that Google’s own employees use it in their workplace. You can send emails laden with marketing campaigns to as many as thousands of recipients for effective promotion and advertisement. You can also merge the emails with data sheets to personalize it according to names, email addresses, and other information. Follow up emails can also be sent to individual recipients once they open and read their email. Emails can also be scheduled according to your preferred time.

GMass Mail Merge

For Download from Google Play store:”Click here

Mail Merge with Attachments

You can use this Chrome extension to mail merge attachments for Gmail where you can send bulk mail to a number of recipients using personalized templates or emails, as you please. Using Mail Merge with Attachments, you can send group email and each recipient gets your desired message as if it was targeted solely for them. The email tracking feature of this extension will also let you know when a recipient has read your email. Using this app you can conveniently send emails with Google Inbox, Gmail, and even G Suite. It can be used to send templates or even HTML files. You can also send mail merge on behalf of another person.

Mail Merge with Attachments

For Free Download “Click here

Yet Another Mail Merge

This Chrome extension lets you create email campaigns through Gmail and Google Sheets. It is pretty simple to use and you can send personalized emails through it that can also be tracked through it, and you don’t even have to be an adept coder for it. To send merge email using Yet Another Mail Merge, you just have to list the recipients’ emails in Google spreadsheet and include templates as Gmail drafts. Then with just click of a button, all your mass emails will be sent to all the individual recipients, thus saving your time and efforts. It can be used on Gmail or G Suit and you can use the existing Google spreadsheet or even create a new one to create a contact list or use the one that is already there in Google accounts.

Yet Another Mail Merge, Gmail chrome extensions

Click here” to download from play store

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