7 Best ChromeCast Apps for Media Casting On Android 2018

Google’s Chromecast is one of the handiest tools for any household. If you do not have an access to a connected game console or a smart TV, Chromecast is the best option to go with. With the new update, it has become one of the best ways to get content onto your TV. With some handy apps for Chromecast, you can easily get video streaming on a tablet, phone or laptop. Know the collection of 7 best apps for android that you can use for Chromecast. Read further to know the features of the best Chromecast apps.

7 Best Chromecast Apps For Streaming on Android

  1. Google Home

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This Chromecast app for Android is available free. Its new name is the Google Home. It is a versatile app that can be used to set up Google devices in your home. After setting your Chromecast, you need to set up Google Home devices and also Chromecast Audio. Once the installation is done, it can be used to browse the trending content, pause or play the content.

  • Customizing your TV screen offers you a huge benefit. This key app should not be avoided to install, in the case if you are taking many Chromecasts for your house.
  • It also allows you use games or apps that generally are not compatible with Chromecast, which includes browsers. So, get it now and make it your Chromecast an ideal ‘Google Home.’
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  1. Netflix

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Everyone knows what it is, what it offers, and what it costs. It is one of the must-have apps to be used for Chromecast. This free Chromecast for Android is a movie and TV junkie’s nightmare. Once you see the episode in the box set, it attempts you to hook into the next one. Like, you can enjoy all the sessions in one-sitting. It is ready to make your veins pumping. But, it is an addictive app. If you have its subscription, you can show. However, it is not good to pay for it and it only works on a small smartphone, tablet or laptop. But with the advent of the Chromecast, you can get the entire stuff onto the big screen without wire and get comfortable for the long-pull.

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  1. YouTube

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It is the seamless app for any Chromecast holder, which lets you stream its combination of absolute illogical home videos, fascinating web-only documentaries, and music mash-ups that never ends. It is good to know that it is a Google-owned service, its coupling with Chromecast is as flawless and slick that goes beyond your expectations.

  • It can give tons of channels and display all types of content.
  • You will also find music, tech, educational stuff, news, entertainment, and much more.

As it is free of cost, even though, if you want, you can subscribe for a YouTube Red for a $9.99 for every month that gives the premium features of the Google Play Music to access. Use this best Google’s Chromecast app!

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  1. Google Play Music

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This Google app is surely compatible with the Chromecast. Having this app will give you a chance to upload more than 50k songs to their servers that can be streamed to your Chromecast.

  • You can access this app and cast your locally streamed music to the Google’s Chromecast.
  • If you are a music-lover, it is for you as it seems to be a one-stop store for music.

Subscription is also available for $9.99/month that lets you use songs and radio stations by the Google Play Music on the service with the YouTube Red. Another subscription option is $14.99 that is ideally a family plan, which can include more than 6 persons.

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  1. LocalCast

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If you are interested in sharing your stored video on the phone or tablet with the world, then LocalCast is a right option. Even, you can even share with them who are sitting with you in front of the TV. It has features like:

  • Streaming of the local video, photos, and music via Windows network share and DLNA is being done.
  • It also helps you to stream the content stored on cloud services such as Google Drive, Google Plus, and Dropbox.

There are irritating ads because of its no cost. A good thing is that these ads never display on the TVs, so, get a sigh of relief.  Its pro version is also available.

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  1. BubbleUPnP

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Who doesn’t want to float the media everywhere in the home? Of course, everyone and this app is a handy tool. It works with current game systems, Chromecast, mobile devices, tablets, Roku, and much more.

  • It offers you a service that you can use to cast your movies, TV shows, music, and photos to any Wi-Fi connected device virtually in your home.
  • It also gives the Cloud support, casting things from the Google Drive to the Chromecast is very easy.

Getting BubbleUPnP is easy for free. Firstly, you can enjoy the free version and then switch to the paid one that is at the cost of $4.69 to access the premium features.

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  1. Spotify

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It is one of the exciting apps that you can use on your Android device. The streaming service of this app has more than 30 million tracks with video content, podcasts, many radio stations, and more. It itself has been updated because in the past, it did not have such extremely beneficial features.

  • It completely supports Chromecast, giving you a privilege to stick to those party classics
  • It normally works with many of the Google devices.

One can access its features free, but in the case to get premium features, the subscription can be done. With the $9.99/month, you can get into the door, whereas the $14.99 for every month gives you a family plan. Even, the special discounts are available for college students.

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Hence, it is the latest collection of the best Chromecast apps that anyone can use on the Android devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Enjoy any of the apps to have a seamless experience while enjoying the music, streaming the video content on the laptop, TV or the smartphone depending on your interests and preferences.


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