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Busy people want to keep everything easily accessible to them in this fast pace of the life, like reminders, to-do-lists, grocery items, and other daily activities. Some go for note-taking with a pen and paper that is the traditional way, as it works for them. However, if you have a tablet or a smartphone, getting a note-taking app will be an ideal option that can really bring some innovations in getting the things done. Here is the collection of 10 best note-taking apps that one can use for either personal or professional purposes. So, start with them:

Best Note Taking & Sharing Apps For Android & iPhone:

  1. Evernote (Free/Rs. 1,500 Per year)

best note taking software,Best Note taking apps

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If you have ever tried to use an app for taking the notes, you might have come across Evernote. This extremely beneficial tool is designed to create notes and organize them into notebooks that can be synced with a number of devices. It gives 60MB of free space to upload files to the cloud. It can clip images and web pages, search for text in images and then use it as a collaborative tool to work on notes and share with other users. To get advanced features, go for a premium subscription.

  1. OneNote (Free/$100 Per year)

best note taking app for windows

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This Microsoft app is helpful if you use the Microsoft Office regularly such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, as it has complete integration with the entire suite. Using this app will let you type, write, or draw with the pen. Pinning can also be used to find anything you want. The features include whiteboard image capturing, slideshow exhibition with automatic cropping, and built-in recording. So, use OneNote to work together with others and have an access to the most updated versions of the notes from anywhere.

  1. GoogleKeep (Free)

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Need a more visual approach? It is the best option to get the entire stuff in one place like images, ideas, and audio clips. With color code and other features, you can easily find the notes and share with others to access and edit. This app lets you set up location-based or time-based reminders, making remembrance easier. An extra feature is the voice memo to allow you record a message on your own for an instant note in an audio format.

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  1. Quip (Free/$30 Per month)

apps like evernoteapps like evernote

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Owned by Salesforce, Quip has been in a great demand because of its document creation service for teams for a long time. This fast, strong, and reliable note-taking app can help create folders and comments that permit teams to interact over meeting documents and notes. Its interesting features include share task lists and documents, chat and messaging, spreadsheets, and much more that can be accessed on any device and at any time. It also allows you to import and export the docs from other apps and cloud services.

  1. SimpleNote (Free/$19.99 Per year)

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Looking for a stripped app with a minimal and clean interface? Then, SimpleNote is for you. Known for efficiency and speed, it can assist you to create as many notes as you want and then keep them all arranged with the basic features like search and tag. It can automatically sync the data when changes are made. A nifty slider feature can give you a chance to go back in time to back versions of the notes that are saved automatically before making the changes.

  1. NoteBook (Free)

onenote alternative

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It is similar to GoogleKeep. With the Zoho’s NoteBook app, you can create a checklist card for a story or grocery items. With it, you work on with inline images or can use an audio card of the voice or a sketch card. What can you do? Organizing your notes into notebooks, copying, reordering, grouping, or flicking them can be done to get what you are seeking for easily.

  1. Squid (Free/Premium)

best note taking applications

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This note-taking app gets the old-fashioned pen and paper and then remodels it with digital features made to improve your experience. Using your stylus or finger to handwrite notes will give you the feeling like you are doing it on the paper. There is a toolbar at every note that can use to customize the ink, for duplicating, resizing, zooming in or out, and much more.

  1. DropBox Paper(Free)

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Do you use Dropbox? If yes, then it is a must-have note-taking app in your device. It serves as a flexible workspace that will prevent the distraction when people are working together. Don’t get disappointed by its minimal design, it has many advanced features to offer. This app can be used to create new documents, edit current ones, post and reply to comments, see the activity of the team in one organized list, prioritize documents, and much more.

  1. Bear(Free/$14.99 Per year)

best note taker apps,best note taking app for mac

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Having an elegant design, it is one of the flexible apps to be used for taking the notes. Designed for both in-depth essays and quick notes with advanced markup features, you can insert links, images, and a lot more. Focus mode can be used to let you focus during longer periods. Typography and theme customization is the interesting feature of this app. There is a wide range of editing tools that can be used to optimize the notes, add to-dos to a particular note, and then tag any note with a particular hashtag.

  1. Notability (Free/$4.99 for iOS)

top note taking apps

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With this note-taking app, you will definitely fall in love. If you love to write, draw, sketch, or doodle by hand, then this app is genuinely made for you. It has an incredible suite of advanced tools. It can let you combine your drawn or handwritten work with typed text, videos and photos, and then zoom in anywhere on the note while taking a closer look. Only available for Apple devices, it can give you a path to do some pretty and wonderful things with the PDF files. You can add annotations to the things, sign them, fill them out, and send them off.


The best note-taking apps give you the best experience while taking the notes. Most of them are available for all devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and so on, but some of them are only for Apple devices. So, check them out!




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