Best Apps to Listen to Music offline 2017 | Listen Songs without Internet or WiFi on Android

Music is a divine gift for all the people. It is the best boon given to the folks especially the music adorers. Whenever you listen to soothing music when you are quite dull it will turn your mind active. it lets you get out from the depression and stay happy all through the day. Usually, people love listening to music when they are traveling to some trip or going for a vacation with their family members. Currently, on the web, we have innumerable sources that offer the best music for all the music folks.Here we have listed out Apps to Enjoy Music with out any Hotspot or Internet Connection.

Top 5 Android Apps for Listening  Songs Offline Without Wifi

Offline Music

Sometimes, you need to have a proper internet connection so as to listen to music online. If in case, you don’t have the internet available in some location then, there are some best apps that help you to listen to the music offline. Yes, there are such apps available in the market. This is truly one of the cheerful news for the users of Android and iOS devices. Here, in this post, we have compiled the list of the best apps so as to listen to music without having Wi-Fi or the internet on your Android and iOS device. Have a look!

#1 Pandora

pandora music app

Pandora is the best music app that allows the users to listen to their favorite music tracks without having an internet connection. You can find a massive collection of music and songs on this app. There are numerous features available on this app. You can create your own radio station using this app. This app is available for free of cost but with ads. If you wish to listen to ad-free songs, you need to spend $4.99 per month.

Google Play Store : Download Link

#2 SoundCloud

soundcloud music app

SoundCloud is another best music app to listen to music offline without the need internet. This app allows the users to upload their desired tracks on this app with much ease. You can also share your desired music albums with the social media. In order to make use of this app, you need to sign up and follow some of the popular artists on this app.

Google Play Store : Link

#3 IHeartRadio

iheartradio music app

It is one of the popular music streaming apps available on the web for all the music lovers. Using this app, you can easily listen to your favorite tracks without any hassle. This app streams more than 800 radio stations all through the country US. This app has a massive collection of songs from all genres or categories. The iHeartRadio app is compatible with Android and iOS device platforms.In our previous article we have listed out best Android Apps to Download Music..Just go through it once.

Download Link :  Google Play Store iHeartRadio

#4 Beats Music

It is another best music app that allows the users listen to their desired tracks offline. This app streams music from different popular sources such as Academy of Country Music and Rolling Stone. Using the search field, you can explore for your desired genres and artists with much ease.

#5 Spotify

spotify app

Spotify is the best music streaming application that has millions of music tracks available on the web. This app lets you connect to Facebook and listen to your preferred songs.

Download link : Spotify App

Hope we have covered enough information on best Music Apps which supports offline Music.Guys if we have missed out any other important app,please do let us know.We will update this article.

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