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The Snapchat is a well-knowing, top growing and popular messenger application which is ideal for both the tablet and Android smartphone.  It is commonly famous for sending videos and photos quickly and easily. Now, many Android phone users love to utilize this messenger application to easily share their emotions and feeling through both the videos and photos. Along with this, it also allows users to share the stories.  If you use this Snapchat app, you need to know the best way to save videos and photos. Using the right Snapchat Saver application is a smart way for quickly saving the photos as well as videos on your android phone. Choosing the perfect Snapchat saver is a daunting task because there are numerous options available for Android.  For easing the app selection, this post shares you the 5 best and effective SnapChat Saver tool, so you can consider them to pick the right one without any confusion. If you like to save videos and photos from this messenger app, you can download and use these most popular Snapchat saver applications.

SnapChat  Saver Apps, Smart Save Your Media:


It is the well-known and most popular Snapchat Saver tool that includes lots of unique features. The app will entirely change the original messenger application. You can easily download videos and photos from your messenger application by using this tool. It is essential to know that this snapchat saver tool is available for both iOS and Android devices.  It is an excellent android application that appears as a perfect alternative to an official client of Snapchat.  The major feature of this tool is that it allows you quickly save the snaps on mobile. The interesting information about this app is that it does not need any root access. Moreover, it is completely free to use and download. The official app of Snapchat will automatically delete every snap after some time. You can also open your Snapchat messages, pictures, or videos by using SnapSave because it helps you to save them easily in the phone memory. It comes with many useful features, including:

  • The receive never notified regarding the saved snaps
  • It does not need root access
  • Simple interface and simple to use
  • Save the Snapchat stories, images, and videos

save snapchat media

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Try to download videos and images from your Snapchat message in a fast and easy manner? Then SaveMySnaps is the right choice for your needs.  You can use SaveMySnaps app for free. It is not just SnapChat Video saver tool or SnapChat photo saver tool but also functions as a Snap Story saving tool.   Apart from that, you can direct forward or send the saves stories, videos and images to your Snapchat friends or other users by using it. Most importantly, it has a new search option that aids you in finding your favorite videos or pictures to download them quickly. There are many built-in picture edition features also available in the application. You can utilize them for adding colors, fonts or captions. It is vital to know that this tool is only obtainable for the Android users. It includes many features such as:

  • Save images and stories
  • Send the snaps from your gallery and camera
  • Zoom camera option while taking video or photo
  • Add certain captions to the saved snaps
  • You can draw on the snaps
  • It has custom caption fonts
  • Gallery to easily view saved snaps
  • Large color selection while drawing on your snaps
  • Drawing effects


It is a famous and well-known SnapChat saver which is only obtainable for the Android users.  It also includes lots of features to bring you excellent user experience with your Snapchat messenger.  By using this app, you can download pictures and videos without facing any challenges.   It is also ideal for send videos or images from your Android phone gallery to other Snapchat users. Along with this, this app also comes with many built-in stickers that let users enjoy more while chatting with their family or friends through Snapchat.  Here are the features of Casper as follow:

  • Another interesting feature of Casper is that it lets user forward stories easily to the other Snapchat friends and users.
  • When you really loved an image your friend sent you, then you can share it with other friends.
  • Also, you can add many filters and stickers to any image you take.

4. SnapSaver for Snapchat

It is a new SnapChat saver tool for Android devices which is now available in Play store. It is not obtainable for the iOS users.  Similar to other saver apps, you can download videos and images without notifying any snaps sender.  Through, you require downloading the pictures using this tool before directly viewing it.  Apart from that, this application works fine. It comes with a user-friendly and simple interface.  Most importantly, this lightweight application is ideal for both the fast user and beginners. It has many unique and convenient features that include:

  • This Saver for Snapchat is easy and quick to use
  • You can just install as well as log into this app with the Snapchat credentials
  • It does not identify the time expiry of your Snapchat videos and images, so you can keep the images and videos for a long time


This SnapKeep is one of the newly released tools which are available for iOS and Android users. By using this application, you can easily save stories, videos, snaps directly from your Snapchat messenger application to your phone gallery.  You can save all snaps you received from your friends. It let the user save all the videos and photos from messenger application so that they keep them everlastingly. The best portion of this app is that the sender does not know. For knowing the features of this app, you can read this passage.

  • Download every unseen snap and let users save them to their photos app
  • Sender never know that you save the snap
  • It supports both videos and photos
  • Easy to use


These are renowned and favorite snapchat saver app, so you can pick and use the right app to get more enjoyment and wonderful experience while using SnapChat.





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