7 Best VR Apps For Google CardBoard | Top Virtual Reality Apps For Cardboard on Android

At the present time, Cardboard has become a great universal entry-point into the VR. Having it will give you a chance to get your VR hit. It is a low-cost virtual reality headset. It is a DIY headset that any person can build. Just with a software platform, it becomes easier for app developers to add virtual reality support to their inventions. Here is the collection of the best VR apps that anyone can use for Google Cardboard. So, have a look at them:

Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard

  1. AAA VR Cinema

best vr apps for google cardboard

Being an ideal VR video player, it will offer you a privilege to play the stored content on your device locally.

  • The most interesting thing is that it is very easy to use. Once you have put the video on your device, and you can play it while using Cardboard with the help of this app.
  • It has features like a 180-degree and 360-degree video support, assistance for NAS, head tracking, and removal of drift issues that arise because you are not watching the video anymore.

No need to pay for it as it is available free of cost. Of course, it is considered as an essential virtual reality app that you can use with Google Cardboard.

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  1. Expeditions

best vr experince android

Expeditions from Google seem to be a wonderful VR field trip app. It is open to everyone. Its use is not limited to teachers only, who are teaching the lessons to kids via VR learning equipment.

  • You would be surprised to know that there are more than 600 field trips that you can choose from while using this app. It will combine your friend groups together in an automatic manner, when you are using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • It offers you an option to visit the African plains, Jupiter, inside the ISS, and much more.
  • It will make you feel a leader. This is why you are provided with the information to communicate and the ability to highlight the things out within it.
  • If you take it as an adventure, you just need to sit back and then take the pleasure of the show.

It can be obtained free from Google Play or App Store.

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  1. Google Cardboard App

coolest android vr apps

It is an official app from Google. With it, people can set up the Cardboard experience. This app will offer you some interesting and decent VR experiences on its own. It gives you things like:

  • Google Earth can be used to fly around or get a trip to Versailles in VR.
  • In addition, it has an ability to allow you view your photosphere’s, videos, and other content stored on your gadget in the VR manner.
  • The most essential thing it gives is that a directory of virtual reality apps, as well as, games. The collection of many apps helps to find new stuff in an easy and fast manner.

It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. You should keep it installed as well.

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  1. YouTube

virtual reality apps for android

It is one of the interesting apps that you can consider for your VR. It is a must-have app in your store. A good thing is that it appears to be a largest source of the VR content when it comes to the internet.

  • You will find lots of channels and videos that you can follow. These videos offer a lot of entertainment, education, and a lot more.
  • This platform has taken the VR to a new level with the availability of too much stuff here.
  • To use this app, all you need to do is to search for 360 video, which will offer you a wide range of content that is optimized for VR viewing.

When it comes to its features, you can access them free of cost, but during videos, there are ads to annoy you. If you prefer the Red Subscription, then it can eliminate advertising and allows some extra stuff. It will let you use the background listening.

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  1. VLC for Android

google cardboard videos

You most probably have used the VLC player on your PC or computer. It is exciting to know that it is available for android devices as well. VLC for android seems to become better in the future. The beta version of this app supports many features that will come in the main app sooner. It is a perfect and solid video player, which gives assistance to the video codec ever. It includes DVD ISOs, as well as, live streams, if you already have the URL.

  • To join the bet, you can hit the download button and then, check out its 360-degree video feature if you are interested in.
  • No need to invest money in it, as it is free to use.
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  1. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

best virtual reality apps

Feel stress-free, if you are unable to make a plan for Mars travel because of your budget as your pocket does not allow it! The reason is that this app can make you feel that you are on the Mars and also offers you exploration for the space.

  • This app offers you a taste of space exploration.
  • Once you start using this app, you land, then walk on the moon and after that, you can have a chance to go for driving around in the Lunar Rover.

It will fill you with an experience of wonder. Get this app free of cost!

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  1. Cardboard Camera

google cardboard app

Virtual Reality is not only about use. Even, you can have your own cardboard images as well by creating them. This app permits you in shooting 360-degree stills, which can be shared. At the same time, you can add ambiance to the creation by recording interesting sound.

  • Download the app to get a perfect picture, open the camera, target yourself and slowly twist around.
  • It works with Google Street View VR that will help you in adding 3D locations to your favorite ones also.
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So, start taking a complete benefit of these 7 Best VR apps to be used for Google Cardboard.


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