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When you are totally indulged in your most favorite game and suddenly an advert pops up. There can be nothing more frustrating than this. There is one thing that we all know about the ads and that is they are everywhere and extremely annoying. Patience guy would simply ignore them, but not all have that patience level. So if you are looking for the ways to get rid of those annoying pop-ups and ads, then this precise tutorial is going to walk you through with ease.

One thing that most of the people are unaware is that pop-up ad is not just omnipresent, but they are also a huge threat to your device. They don’t just mess up with your brains, but your androids as well. How? If you are on limited data, then you will end up paying more in case you accidentally download them or press any button that consumes data.Another Problem of Pop Up Ads is,you battery Drains Quickly. Fortunately, there are easy ways out to get rid of popup ads on Android, so let’s get started.

4 Steps To Stop Ads For Unrooted Android

Step 1

Get DNS66 Installed

This is one useful app that is going to assist you with your mission to be successful. It is going to work for the non -rooted device. There are two best things about this app; it is free and will not drain your battery. Just make sure to get the app from the trustworthy sources to avoid bugs and dangerous viruses. After getting the app install follow these steps.

  • Scroll to Packages section
  • Tap on the “Download apk”
  • Tap on Download Complete to launch the apk  file
  • Press install

Step 2

Select The Domain Filters

After launching the DNS application you will get a setup guide. Get started with domain a filter that is displayed at the screen bottom.  Pick at least one ad-blocking file. It is recommended that you select “Adaway hosts file”. You can complete this step by tapping on the dot which is a red color present on the left side.  When this step is completed the dot will change its color to green.

Step 3

Enable VPN Service

From the bottom, menu heads back to the Stop/Start available at the screen top side. Here you will find a notification that will notify you about the downloading process of the host’s file. You will have to wait until the process is finished.  After finishing long press the power icon. This will enable VPN ad-blocking and afterward press the OK button.

Step 4

Mission Accomplished!

Now all the frustrating applications are blocked on your browser including other applications present on your Android Smartphone or tablets. After activating this service you will see an icon of a key and it will be now present all the time.

This was just a part of the entire story that will help you in blocking pop up ads. Getting ahead with our tutorial here are other different ways to block them on different browsers.

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Enable Chrome’s Pop-Up Blocking Feature

Chrome is a nice browser and this is the reason why many like to use it instead of others. it is having its own pretty cool features and if you are not aware of this fact, then you will be happy to discover that adverts can be easily blocked with just a few clicks and you will not need a separate Ad blocker for chrome on android.

  • Launch the browser
  • Tap on the 3 dots present at the upright corner
  • Choose settings>site settings
  • Reach pop-ups and slide to block
  • Done

Download & Install Ad Blocker For Opera

If you are a user of Opera browser, then you will be glad to know that opera is having an in build ad blocker, which makes it extremely easy to block those annoying apps within seconds.  There is no need to go through special instructions to get the job done. Just install opera and enjoy ad-free browsing.

The popular browser has their own features of blocking up ads without any challenge. Moreover, there are ad-free browsers also available, but they might be less trustworthy for some.  Well, if all these tricks and features did not impress you much, then here are the 10 best popup blocker android applications, which you can choose to install on your androids and enjoy.  Most of the applications listed here are open-source and free.

Best 10 Ad Block Apps for Android


Adguard ad blocker

If you are looking for a powerful ad blocker, then AdGuard is what you need for your Androids.  It is pretty cool because of its remarkable features such as protection, filtration, phishing sites and online tracking. If you have no idea what are these features benefits, then pay attention here it saves bandwidth, improves the loading time of the webpage and protects your devices against all the potential dangers.

Play Store link: Download Now


adaway ad blocker

It will not let advertisements obstruct your browsing fun. It uses a hosts file to block apps and lets you surf the web and use all sorts of Android applications. It works by redirecting application requests to the local host.  You get an option to pick up your own hosts file. Moreover, there is no root access required.

Follow : Download Link 



Seven Adclear

It is one of the leading ads blockers on which you can rely on. Designed for the non-rooted devices makes it preferable and convenient. It is a free application and capable to block even the YouTube advertisements. There can be nothing more impressive than this feature. It can block all the intrusive and encrypted adverts in both the applications as well as web browsing.

Download Adclear: Link 


netguard ad blocker

This application flourishes users with the simplest technique to block ads but incorporates advanced technology to get the job done. You have to add the list or app and allow or deny the access to the web. This app really aids you in saving a pretty good amount of data. Its simple interface will entice you.

Download Link: Google Play Store


5.Free Ad Blocker Browser

Free Ad Blocker

The app is developed by Rocket shield Inc which makes it reliable to install on your devices. It makes the internet browsing experience ad-free with easy and simple way. It can block video ads, blocks banners resulting in enjoyable web browsing experience with no disturbance of adverts anymore. This application is powerful and also saves bandwidth.

Download From Play Store

6.Brave Browser

brave ad blocker

This ad blocker is designed for efficiency, speed and for effective blocking of the annoying applications that put a halt to your fun. On the other hand, it provides protection for data by enforcing HTTPS requests providing more control over the web cookies. When this application works it also promise you to save battery usage resulting in an improvement of overall device performance.

Download Link: Click Here

7.Cygery AdSkip

As suggested by the name it is clear that it can assist your device in dealing with the not so required applications. It is the most convenient app for the users who like to watch YouTube videos but without any interference. It automatically tabs itself on the ‘Ski Ad ‘button when you are enjoying YouTube videos.  From your part, there is no action required. There is no need to root your device.

Download Link: Click here

8.Disconnect Pro

disconnect ad blocker

To get this app you will have to spend some money because this app falls in the category of premium ad blocking applications. This application is going to give you a full control over privacy including the blocking feature that negatively impacts the bandwidth and battery life.  It can remove ads effectively and also protects your privacy. It also offers VPN arrangements, but a bit costly deal. If you fear about your privacy, then this is the application you need.

Download Link: Click Here


9.Block This

block this ad blocker for android

It’s an open-source application that is DNS based and is available for free to use on your android devices. It holds the potential to block different types of ads in the app and web browser without worrying about the format like video, audio or an image. This impressive app is going to block every ad that annoys you amid browsing the web or using any application. This app is also going to take responsibility for your privacy, does not require root and also provides access to the web pages which are inaccessible.

Download Block This App: Click here


yu browser ad blocker

If you are looking for a full-fledged advert blocking an app, then here your search ends. It offers users with the remarkable optimized internet surfing fun on all of your Android devices. There are plenty of features like night mode, audio support, filter ads and web defender that can keep the trackers at a bay to prevent data wastage. It also takes care of your privacy.

Download Yu Browser Ad Blocker: Click here


These are the top 10 best apps to stop pop up ads on android phone to pick from. You can definitely rely on this application. The best part there is no root required and a majority of them are free to install.  Just pick your app and from now enjoy ad-free browsing with no annoyance or frustration. Happy browsing!

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