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Free Download GarageBand Latest Version 10.2 for PC: If you are looking for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) App then look no further than GarageBand. Developed by Apple; this amazing application has tons of features to its credit. There is absolutely no need to buy any expensive music instrument as the application produces sound similar like natural sound. So with this free music production software you can create your own podcasts and tracks while sitting comfortably in your room.

Garageband for pc free download

No need to look for any other software to make beats. GarageBand is a complete music studio itself right on your iOS device. It contains drummers, various musical instruments like guitar and even presets of voice. Besides these there are tons of other editing and recording features. This application is designed exclusively for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and is even available on MAC Computers. Recently Apple has launched the updated version for Garageband; 10.2 for MAC and 2.2.2 for iOS. First let me tell you about the fantastic set of features of this free music production software:

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Features of Garageband for Window PC & MAC Computer

  • The app boasts of built-in MIDI keyboards through which you can create your own musical tracks.
  • You can even add a drummer or a beat producer to your song.
  • Through GarageBand you can create a custom ringtone for your iPhone.
  • Give shape to your sound with easy to use knobs, buttons and sliders.
  • You can record, mix and even share your songs with your friends. In its latest version 10.2 for MAC you can create a song of up to 255 tracks.
  • Also there are basic lessons to play a piano and guitar. You can even opt for Artist Lessons in which the artist of the song itself teaches you how to play the song. This feature is sold separately through the GarageBand Lesson Store.
  • There is even a Bass Amp Designer which can be used to re-create classic and modern tones.
  • Through iCloud you can always have a backup of your projects safe and you can even keep them up to date across your MAC Computer. That means if you have started a song on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you can always import it wirelessly to your MAC and start working on it from there and vice versa.
  • Though this is a free music production software it definitely includes some in-app purchases which are reasonably priced.
  • The updated version includes a revamped library through which users can download free sound packs with new instruments and loops. Also a new Beat Sequencer instrument is added inspired by classic drum machines.
  • The latest version 10.2 for MAC and 2.2.2 for iOS devices also boasts of various new instruments added to the collection.

As of now there is no official Windows version available for GarageBand but there definitely is a work around to achieve our purpose of installing GarageBand for Windows PC / Laptop.

 Download Garageband Updated Version on Windows 10/8.1/7 PC & Laptop

  • Using Andy Emulator:
    • You can download and install Andy Emulator from its official website.
    • Once the emulator is installed launch it and search for ‘GarageBand’ in the search bar provided.
    • The results will be visible in front of you. Click on the icon of GarageBand for PC to start the installation process.
    • The installation will be over within a few minutes and you will be able to see the icon of GarageBand on the home screen of Andy Emulator.
  • Using iPadian:
    • iPadian is the best iOS simulator for Windows.
    • You can download iPadian for Windows from its official website
    • Once you have successfully installed iPadian on to your Windows PC launch it and click on App Store.
    • Type GarageBand in the search bar of the App Store and hit Enter. Within a jiffy the result for GarageBand updated version will be displayed.
    • All you need now it to hit the ‘Get’ button next to GarageBand.
    • Once the installation process is over you will find the icon of this amazing free music production software on your iPadian home screen.
  • Using BlueStacks:
    • You can download BlueStacks latest version from its official website.
    • Once the emulator is installed; launch it and search for GarageBand similar to what you did in case of Andy Emulator.
    • Once the results are visible. Just click on GarageBand icon and this amazing software to make beats will be installed on to your emulator.

Now we will tell you how to download and install GarageBand for MAC Latest Version 10.2:

Free Download & Install of Garageband Latest version 10.2 on MAC Computer

  • As already mentioned in the beginning of the post Apple has introduced an updated version 10.2 of GarageBand for MAC users.
  • All you require is a MAC with OS X 10.6.6 or later to download and install GarageBand on MAC.
  • You don’t need to go anywhere except to the MAC App Store on you MAC Computer.
  • Just search for GarageBand in it.
  • The latest version 10.2 of this free music production software will be visible in front of you.
  • You can easily install it thereafter on your MAC; by following the process same as which you follow to download apps from MAC App Store.

A thought might have struck your mind that there must be alternative applications or equivalent apps like GarageBand. Well! This is what we are going to tell you now.

Garageband Alternatives for PC [ MAC & Windows ]

Here we have compiled list of few programs which are very much similar to Garageband in terms of their functionality.Lets have a look at them

  • Mixcraft 7:
    • Mixcraft does offer us a broader selection of loops similar to GarageBand.
    • With its user friendly interface that is comfortable for even a beginner Mixcraft is definitely one of the most popular equivalent apps like GarageBand.
    • You can even edit your videos through this software.
    • Advantage of Mixcraft is that even though it is easy to handle there is absolutely no shortage of any kind of advanced settings or plugins. Mixcraft truly stands out as a best GarageBand alternative for PC.
    • You can get this software from here
    • It comes with a free trial. For buying you need to shell out $89 and $179 for Pro Version.
  • LMMS:
    • LMMS is a free open source production software. It is a music workstation which is available to all.
    • You can access it by visiting the website:
    • Although its user interface is not that good it still has appreciable level of tools for various tasks of yours like sequencing, composing, mixing and automating.
    • LMMS even provides access to various musical instruments and effects so as to enable you to create a right tune for your song.
  • Music Maker Jam:
    • If you are one of those who just like to have fun with music then Music Maker Jam can definitely help you in creating your tunes.
    • There are variety of different genres available to put your tunes into.
    • Best thing is that this is an app which you can download on Android, iOS and even Windows platform.
    • But if you are looking for some serious music production then this application is not for you.
    • Music Maker Jam is absolutely free but does contain in-app purchases.
  • FL Studio:
    • FL Studio is one of the most popular DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) software.
    • Designed in depth FL Studio can be used by both beginners as well as experts.
    • A well designed and easy to understand user interface along with a smooth flow of processes makes this software the best choice if you want to create your own music tracks.
    • A broad spectrum of functionality is available in FL Studio. The user interface is so neatly designed that even with so many functionalities in front of you; the view doesn’t looks shabby or cluttered.
    • You can get FL Studio as a free trial from here and later on whenever you wish to; you can buy it for $99.
  • Reaper:
    • Reaper is another great GarageBand alternative for PC. However before you go for this software; it is highly recommended that you do have certain amount of knowledge regarding music production.
    • Reaper is designed, keeping in view, the expert set of users.
    • However it doesn’t have that much inclusion of musical instruments or sample.
    • But the best thing about Reaper is its cost. As you can see almost all music production software are no less than $80; but Reaper will cost you $60 for getting its basic license.

So my dear friends these were the Top GarageBand alternative for PC. You can go with any one of them according to your requirements.So if we summarize we have told you about GarageBand features, installation on Windows PC & MAC and its equivalent apps. Any part which confuses you please do drop your queries below in the comments section. Also if you know about any other music production software which is not mentioned then do let us know so that our readers can benefit from your knowledge.


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