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Are you one of those tech savvy individuals who like to stay up- to- date regarding the latest tech and apps that are there around and use them to their full potential to simplify your life and do multiple tasks with versatility and efficiency? Then you must be adept in using Gmail to manage your professional and personal life to stay in touch with your business associates, colleagues, and friends and family. If so, then it is the time that you try out a new feature called “Mail Merge” that lets you send personalized emails from Gmail and/ or Chrome apps to multiple people simultaneously.

Available as a mail merge Google Chrome add-on that is akin to a mobile app and can be added as an extension to your Chrome browser, there are several apps that provide great features alongside mail merger option, plus they are pretty simple to install and use.

Best Mail Merge Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail

EmailBee Mail Merge

It is a great platform to build a relationship with your customers as EmailBee lets you send personalized emails to a number of your customers, at once. Either you can create a new email or reuse a template, which can be modified or personalized so that you can effortlessly add an image, online links and format the email according to your preference before sending it. The emails can also include your signature and footer so that it has your company’s essence. EmailBee also lets you import your recipient’s emails and add additional information next to their names for future reference so that you can quickly select the people you want to send email to. In this, you can also simply save and resend the templates that you frequently use so that you can save a lot of time in the future. If a recipient unsubscribes to, then you get a notification regarding this.


Gmail Chrome Extensions

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You can get Mixmax as a Gmail merge Chrome extension so that you can also do a lot many things in addition to mail mergers. Even in a group email, you can see who has opened an email or downloaded an attachment. It can be synched with Google Calendar so that you can schedule any meeting and also set reminders so that you don’t miss on any event. Mixmax lets you schedule the created emails so that they can be sent later at your convenience. You can also add polls and surveys to your emails so that you can get better feedback from your customers. You can write templates and then use them again multiple times in the future so that you are able to save your precious time. You can also add web previews within the email for better clarity of an idea and so that one is not required to browse away from the mail to check a web link.  You are also able to create interactive emails with HTML that does not even require you to be an expert in coding.


For Download Mixmax addon :“Click here”

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MyriadHub: Mail Merge

MyriadHub lets you mail merge for Gmail and responds to a single recipient without confusion even if the conversation is a part of a large group and see who has opened the mail out of a number of people. You can use custom or pre-existing templates, add GIFs and each conversation is archived as a spreadsheet for clearer representation. It enables you to present spreadsheet data alongside the recipient’s name. This spreadsheet also enables you to keep track of follow up email responses and even keep track of subgroup emails for clarity and to prevent any confusion in communication.


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SilvrBullet – Mail Merge for Gmail

This merge email app is capable of launching sales campaign which is automated without crowding the group email for greater fluidity and ease, alongside letting you send mail merge to a large number of people to save your time and efforts.


Click here” to for free download  SilvrBullet-Mail Merge.

GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail

GMass is a free mail merge for Gmail that is effective in supporting email marketing that is simple as well as powerful. Its efficacy can be established from the fact that Google’s own employees use it in their workplace. You can send emails laden with marketing campaigns to as many as thousands of recipients for effective promotion and advertisement. You can also merge the emails with data sheets to personalize it according to names, email addresses, and other information. Follow up emails can also be sent to individual recipients once they open and read their email. Emails can also be scheduled according to your preferred time.

GMass Mail Merge

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Mail Merge with Attachments

You can use this Chrome extension to mail merge attachments for Gmail where you can send bulk mail to a number of recipients using personalized templates or emails, as you please. Using Mail Merge with Attachments, you can send group email and each recipient gets your desired message as if it was targeted solely for them. The email tracking feature of this extension will also let you know when a recipient has read your email. Using this app you can conveniently send emails with Google Inbox, Gmail, and even G Suite. It can be used to send templates or even HTML files. You can also send mail merge on behalf of another person.

Mail Merge with Attachments

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Yet Another Mail Merge

This Chrome extension lets you create email campaigns through Gmail and Google Sheets. It is pretty simple to use and you can send personalized emails through it that can also be tracked through it, and you don’t even have to be an adept coder for it. To send merge email using Yet Another Mail Merge, you just have to list the recipients’ emails in Google spreadsheet and include templates as Gmail drafts. Then with just click of a button, all your mass emails will be sent to all the individual recipients, thus saving your time and efforts. It can be used on Gmail or G Suit and you can use the existing Google spreadsheet or even create a new one to create a contact list or use the one that is already there in Google accounts.

Yet Another Mail Merge, Gmail chrome extensions

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