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Music is loved by many.  It has no religion and it blurs the limitations if any.  There are days when we people used to download the music to our PCs and then transfer it to our phones through a cable, but those days are long gone.  The technology has brought everything at a distance of hand.  We can now do anything and everything with the help of technology right from our coaches.  We need not follow the long-old-age-process anymore to download music.  We can just get the music of your liking with the help of music applications.

10 Free Music Download Apps | Mp3 Songs Downloader Apk for Android

Free Music Download apps in 2017

There are hundreds and thousands of music applications in the online market right now.  Each of the music apps has its own set of unique features and is best in its own way.  It is not possible for you to know about each and every music app and you cannot sit and test each of the apps by yourself.  So, we are here to present you the top 10 music download apps for android phones in 2017.  After reading this article, you will sure shot get to know the best music apps in the world.  You can even give each of the apps a try and find out which matches your music preferences most.

#01 4Shared

4Shared is one of the best music apps we have for android.  It has the most downloads as per the reports.  As the name says, unlimited files are shared by its users on its database.  Users can not only share and download music from the app but also can share and download videos files, images, and other stuff.  The user interface is quite good as well.  It is an ad-free music app which is why many users prefer it.

#02 Spotify

Spotify is a free mobile app designed for mobiles and tablets.  The user can listen to the world of music with Spotify.  The user can search for music based on artist, albums, title etc.  It is quite easy to play any song from anywhere using Spotify  Easy to download and listen offline.  The app comes with amazing sound quality and zero ads.  It offers unlimited music collection from in and around the world for free.  You can find almost all genres of music with the help of Spotify.

#03 Google Play Music

This app is designed by search giant Google and is one of the best product from Google.  The app is available in the Google Play Store for free download.  It provides free, ad-supported radio and music to its users to an unrestricted limit.  The user can tune into different radio stations based on songs, artists, albums, genre, etc.  It has thousands of songs to offer and it makes smart recommendations of music based on users’ taste and mood.

#04 Rock My Run

Rock My Run is a motivational music app for fitness.  The app works with best DJs in the world to mix the songs.  It motivates the listener to do better at the workout.  It is the best exercise music app in the world that moves the door.  The app mixes build in Beats Per Minute during a workout to help the listener keep going.  The song selection is quite interesting and the user can get best workout experience with it.  It covers a huge list of genres like Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, house, dubstep, drum, oldies, latin etc.

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Best Music apps to listen music Offline for free

#05 Gaana

Gaana is a one-stop solution for all music needs.  It provides unlimited access to a huge list of Hindi songs, Bollywood music, Regional Music etc from anywhere.  It offers songs in various languages from new to oldies.  It lists all the top chart songs from all genres and languages.  The discover section will help the user explore new and interesting music from the world.

#06 SoundCloud

Soundcloud is yet another top-notch music app that is used by millions across the world.  The app lets the user discover new and trending numbers from the world.  The user can list favorite tracks of any genre from anywhere for free.  The user can personalize the songs by hitting like to listen later.  It is easy to create playlists depending on mood, genre, category etc.  The user can play, pause, and skip tracks from the lock screen itself.

#07 MP3 Music Download

MP3 Music download app offers CC-licensed free mp3 music for free download.  It is very easy to search for your favorite music from around the world of different artists and genres. Users can download high qualify mp3 music from the app.  It is the fastest mp3 streaming app.  Users can download any number of songs from anywhere using Mp3 Music download app.

#08 Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is powered by Music Genome Project.  It is the most popular radio app that offers a wide range of music for free to its users.  It gives the user personalized radio that plays as per the interests of the user.  A user can create personalized stations from songs, artists, genres etc.  The user can also create an account and listen on the desktop, mobile, TVs, and home devices.

#09 YouTube Music

YouTube is a sensation since its arrival and YouTube Music falls no short of it.  YouTube Music offers all sorts of music for free to its users.  It is the best app to explore a great collection of music from around the world.  The user can create personalized stations as per the tastes.  The app also offers concert footage and live recordings.  It has an endless catalog of songs that range from oldies to newbie songs.  With YouTube, a Red user can enjoy free music.

#10 Wynk

Wynk Music is a popular music app used by millions of users across the globe.  It comes with a huge music library that addresses a wide range of genres like Bollywood, pop, rock, party, English etc.  The app can also be used as the Mp3 music player.  You can stream unlimited high-quality songs for free.  The app ever buffers free music at low internet speed and operates absolutely well on the mobile internet.  It also has Chromecast support.

These are the top 10 music download apps for android in 2017.  Choose the app that suits your taste and enjoys soulful music.


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