How Much Does Netflix Subscription Cost Per Month ? Netflix Plans Comparision | Netflix Premium & Standard

Netflix is online streaming service to watch movies, tv shows online.You can watch movies on various platforms like Android phones,iPhones,iPad, Computer and all internet devices.

Netflix is a legal service which is available for the monthly subscription price. The monthly subscription price of Netflix varies from each country.Netflix service is available in almost every country in the world [ except China, North Korea, Syria etc ].Worldwide Subscription count of Netflix is more than 75 Million and subscribers count is still growing.

Netflix Cost | Netflix subscription Price Comparison

netflix pricing

Netflix Service is available in 3 Plans…Depending on your requirements you can choose the plan which suits your needs.

1)Basic Plan

The basic plan of Netflix is the cheapest of all.You can stream movies and Tv shows instantly and download them.

HD & Ultra HD Movies / TV  Shows and Documentaries are not available on Basic Plan

With Netflix Basic plan only one device can be accessed through your account.

You can watch Unlimited Videos on any device you want [ of course the device should be connected to the internet].

You can cancel Basic Subscription Plan anytime.

2)Standard Plan

Netflix Standard Plan is next level of Basic Plan.

In this plan, you will get all the features on Netflix basic plan.

Main Difference between Basic Plan and the Standard plan is “You can connect two devices for viewing videos simultaneously.

HD Videos are available with Standard Plan.

3)Premium Plan

Name itself suggests, it is the best and costliest plan on Netflix.

With Netflix premium plan, you can watch both HD & Ultra Hd Videos on Your Device.

Simultaneously, you can connect four devices for offline viewing.

Netflix Packages :

Netflix cost varies in each country.Here you will get information on “How much Netflix charges each month” in different countries.

Netflix Cost in the USA

Plan Price
Basic $ 7.99 Per Month
Standard $ 9.99 Per Month
Premium $ 11.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in the UK

Plan Price
Basic 6.99 Pounds per Month
Standard 7.49 Per Month
Premium 8.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in India

Plan Price
Basic Rs 500 per Month
Standard Rs 650 Per Month
Premium Rs 800 per Month

Netflix Cost in Australia

Plan Price
Basic 8.99 Australian $ Per Month
Standard 11.99 Per Month
Premium 14.99 Per Month

Netflix First Month Free Trail :

Netflix has come up with Free One Month Trail Option for its users.With this feature, you can very easily find “whether Netflix is worth or not”..”Which Netflix plan suits you the best”..and many more queries at single shot can be solved with the free monthly plan.

After the Free Trial, if you like their service you can continue the subscription.Or else you can cancel the service.

Netflix Features :

1)Unlimited Movies & Tv Shows:

Netflix is leading paid streaming service which has a huge collection of movies, documentaries & TV shows.You can find almost every movie on Netflix.No other service in the world will give this opportunity.

2)No Advertisements.

You won’t see advertisements while playing movies and TV Shows.As it is a paid platform, they won’t show any commercial ads in between like on Youtube.

With this feature, you can watch videos on Netflix uninterruptedly without any irritation.

3)Free One Month Trail
4)Supports All Device

You can stream from Netflix on any device which has internet connection like smartphones,iPads, Computers, Chromecast etc.

Can you Watch 3d Movies on Netflix?


In the year 2012 Netflix has officially announced that they are going to serve 3d movies to their subscribers.

But unfortunately, now they have stopped showing 3d movies on Netflix due to some issues.

Netflix DVD / Bluray Plan

This Netflix plan is available in the United States of America.With this plan, you can rent DVDs & Blu-rays on Netflix.Shipping is free of cost.

As per the latest information, a total of 93000 movies and Tv shows are available for delivery.

netflix dvd bluray plan

Netflix Bluray Plan is available in 3 Packages




Netflix offers first-month free trail on DVD Plan [ for all the three packages].Later on, they will charge $4.99 for a starter package,$ 7.99 for a Standard plan,$11.99 for Premier one.

Just follow the link to subscribe to Netflix

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