How Whatsapp Web Works ? Fix Whatsapp QR Code Scan Not Working | Whatsapp Web Download

We all use Whatsapp on our smartphones or mobile devices. A lot of people communicate with others through this easy to use messaging app. These days, the popular mobile app gives us a chance to access our chats on the PC or laptop via a service, known as Whatsapp Web.You will be amazed to know that this service is using QR codes to authenticate the identity. Can you guess what? There is no need of username, email id, and even password for authentication purposes.

It is your smartphone, which is used as a key to use the Whatsapp Web. Prior to using this web service, there are lots of essential things you will have to clear about the Whatsapp Web.

What is Whatsapp QR code? 

Whatsapp web QR Code

Let’s get started with the QR code or Whatsapp Scan Code, what is it actually? It is a 2D barcode, which will be able to store much more information as compared to a traditional ID barcode. We can decode the information just by scanning the QR code with an app on the smartphone. You would be glad to know that these codes are used for different things in common terms such as authentication, marketing and advertising, and also inventory management.

At the same time, it is also important to know, how does Whatsapp for web work? With this service, you can send and receive messages within the browser like Google Chrome on PC in the same manner like the smartphone app. In addition, syncing can also take place across devices for messages that include images and texts also, as you do on the smartphone.

There is an addition of some particular desktop notification settings, which allow you to receive alerts. It depends on you whether or not you want the sound based notifications. It is also possible that you can turn off alerts for some periods like one hour, one or two days, or even weeks.

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How to run the Whatsapp Web?

When you are interested in running the Whatsapp web, you will need to have the Google Chrome as a web browser on your laptop or desktop. This browser is already available for all laptops, but if not, it is very easy to install it. This service also supports Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers. How to Scan Whatsapp Web QR Code? Next, you will know the steps that you should follow for scanning the QR code.

  • Firstly, you will have to go to by using your browser on the computer.
  • Next, you will have the availability of the QR code. You should keep one thing in mind that the QR code is dynamic so that it will alter every few seconds.
  • Now, the next step is to open the Whatsapp on your phone. You can access this service on many devices such as iPhones, Nokia S60, Android, Nokia S40 Single SIM EVO, Windows Phone 8.0 & 8.1, BB10, and Blackberry smartphones.
  • After that, tap on the ‘More Options’ button located on the top right corner. Here, you will see the option ‘Whatsapp Web’, click on it.

whatsapp web Mobile

  • The screen will be available, where you will have to click on ‘+’ sign that is located on the top right corner. Now, the scanner will be opened.
  • With the help of this scanner, you can easily scan the QR code on the screen of the browser. This way, you will be done with the authentication process.

web whatsapp mobile

Now, you can see your chats on the computer as well. Without a stable internet connection, you cannot complete this process. So, you will need a good internet connection on both the devices so that the Whatsapp Web can work.

What is about the confidentiality?

It is natural to have some concerns about the privacy when you are using the Whatsapp Web. Of course, you do not want to be hacked. For that reason, there is an option known as ‘Keep me signed in’ that you see while setting up the Whatsapp Web. By unchecking this box, you can get signed out if there is no activity in your browser. And then, scanning needs to be done again to have an access.

Sometimes, any other person may trap you by having an access to your scan code. It is possible, ‘How to know who has scanned my Whatsapp QR code’, but you can know ‘How to log out from that device’. There is an option, which can be used to get logged out of all the devices while checking the status of your web connections. By going to the Whatsapp web, you can see where else you are logged in by clicking on the option ‘log out from all computers’ from your smartphone.

Fix Whatsapp Web QR code scan not working

In any case, if the Whatsapp Web QR Code is not working, make sure that you have installed the supported app version on your mobile and you are already utilizing it. The best method to fix this issue is to use the high camera quality and increase the browser size.

If you are willing to get familiar with the fact How to use Whatsapp on PC /laptop without scanning the QR code, then you are left with nothing because it is not possible to do this. If you use the normal reader, you will get only a plain text. And this is why Whatsapp send this text to your own server to permit you a session in the browser.

Needs QR Code re-scanning or not?

Without re-scanning, the QR code again, is it possible to login to web Whatsapp again? Yes, it is possible, because once you are logged in using the Whatsapp Scan Code; there is no need to scan the code again and again until you do not get logged out. Even, you do not need your phone to get logged in.Once the session is logged off, re-scanning of the QR code is important to go through.

Hence, it is all about using the Whatsapp Web on the PC or laptop with this simple process.

How to Enable or Disable Facetime on iPhone & iPad | Turn On & Turn Off Facetime | Facetime Settings

Facetime app is an excellent video calling application available for all the users across the world for iPhone and iPad devices. This app lets the users to easily start their face to face conversation with their friends and beloved ones. Sometimes, the users don’t like using Facetime app on their device. In such case, the users can either enable or disable Facetime app on various iOS devices like iPhone and iPad devices. There are some parental controls available on the Facetime app for various iOS devices to restrict this app for some of the users. Here is the step by step procedure that helps the users to enable, disable and restrict Facetime app on iPhone and iPad devices.

How to Enable Facetime on iOS Devices like iPhone & iPad?

Enable or Disable Facetime for iPhone IPad

Here are the simple steps the help the users to turn on or enable FaceTime app on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad:

For More Support from Apple regarding Facetime App Click here

  • First of all, the users need to navigate to Settings from their home screen on iPhone or iPad.
  • The users need to click on the FaceTime app present in Settings.
  • You can now click on the enable button present next to FaceTime app.
  • This way, you can turn on or enable Facetime app on your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • FaceTime app will now commence the activation process and the users can easily begin their video chat conversations with their friends and loving ones.

Want to Download Facetime for Android? Click here

How to Disable Facetime on iPhone & iPad?

Here are the easy steps the assist the users to turn off or disable FaceTime app on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad:

  • First of all, the users need to navigate to Settings from their home page on their iPhone or iPad devices.
  • The users need to simply tap on the FaceTime app from Settings.
  • You can then tap on the disable button there next to FaceTime app.
  • This way, the users can turn off or disable Facetime app on their iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.
  • FaceTime app will now re-enable or disable on your iPhone or iPad devices. The users can get back to settings and turn the Facetime app off with much ease.

How to Restrict Facetime on iPhone & iPad?

You can make use of the parental controls in order to restrict Facetime app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

  • First of all, you need to switch on restrictions.
  • You can navigate to Settings >> General >> restrictions on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You need to scroll down below to enable restrictions from Facetime app.
  • After enabling the restrictions, the users need to generate a restrictions passcode.
  • The restrictions passcode used to alter the settings or simply turn it off when not required.
  • Even if you forget the passcode, you need to erase your phone and set it as a new device.

These are the simple steps that assist the users in enabling, disabling and restrict Facetime app on your iPhone and iPad devices.

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7 Best Mail Merge for Gmail Chrome Extensions | Gmail Addons Chrome | Gmail Extensions For Chrome

Are you one of those tech savvy individuals who like to stay up- to- date regarding the latest tech and apps that are there around and use them to their full potential to simplify your life and do multiple tasks with versatility and efficiency? Then you must be adept in using Gmail to manage your professional and personal life to stay in touch with your business associates, colleagues, and friends and family. If so, then it is the time that you try out a new feature called “Mail Merge” that lets you send personalized emails from Gmail and/ or Chrome apps to multiple people simultaneously.

Available as a mail merge Google Chrome add-on that is akin to a mobile app and can be added as an extension to your Chrome browser, there are several apps that provide great features alongside mail merger option, plus they are pretty simple to install and use.

Best Mail Merge Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail

EmailBee Mail Merge

It is a great platform to build a relationship with your customers as EmailBee lets you send personalized emails to a number of your customers, at once. Either you can create a new email or reuse a template, which can be modified or personalized so that you can effortlessly add an image, online links and format the email according to your preference before sending it. The emails can also include your signature and footer so that it has your company’s essence. EmailBee also lets you import your recipient’s emails and add additional information next to their names for future reference so that you can quickly select the people you want to send email to. In this, you can also simply save and resend the templates that you frequently use so that you can save a lot of time in the future. If a recipient unsubscribes to, then you get a notification regarding this.

Gmail Chrome Extensions

For Free Download from Play store: “Click here”


You can get Mixmax as a Gmail merge Chrome extension so that you can also do a lot many things in addition to mail mergers. Even in a group email, you can see who has opened an email or downloaded an attachment. It can be synched with Google Calendar so that you can schedule any meeting and also set reminders so that you don’t miss on any event. Mixmax lets you schedule the created emails so that they can be sent later at your convenience. You can also add polls and surveys to your emails so that you can get better feedback from your customers. You can write templates and then use them again multiple times in the future so that you are able to save your precious time. You can also add web previews within the email for better clarity of an idea and so that one is not required to browse away from the mail to check a web link.  You are also able to create interactive emails with HTML that does not even require you to be an expert in coding.


For Download Mixmax addon :“Click here”

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MyriadHub: Mail Merge

MyriadHub lets you mail merge for Gmail and responds to a single recipient without confusion even if the conversation is a part of a large group and see who has opened the mail out of a number of people. You can use custom or pre-existing templates, add GIFs and each conversation is archived as a spreadsheet for clearer representation. It enables you to present spreadsheet data alongside the recipient’s name. This spreadsheet also enables you to keep track of follow up email responses and even keep track of subgroup emails for clarity and to prevent any confusion in communication.


For Free Download from Google Play store: “Click here”

SilvrBullet – Mail Merge for Gmail

This merge email app is capable of launching sales campaign which is automated without crowding the group email for greater fluidity and ease, alongside letting you send mail merge to a large number of people to save your time and efforts.


Click here” to for free download  SilvrBullet-Mail Merge.

GMass: Powerful mail merge for Gmail

GMass is a free mail merge for Gmail that is effective in supporting email marketing that is simple as well as powerful. Its efficacy can be established from the fact that Google’s own employees use it in their workplace. You can send emails laden with marketing campaigns to as many as thousands of recipients for effective promotion and advertisement. You can also merge the emails with data sheets to personalize it according to names, email addresses, and other information. Follow up emails can also be sent to individual recipients once they open and read their email. Emails can also be scheduled according to your preferred time.

GMass Mail Merge

For Download from Google Play store:”Click here

Mail Merge with Attachments

You can use this Chrome extension to mail merge attachments for Gmail where you can send bulk mail to a number of recipients using personalized templates or emails, as you please. Using Mail Merge with Attachments, you can send group email and each recipient gets your desired message as if it was targeted solely for them. The email tracking feature of this extension will also let you know when a recipient has read your email. Using this app you can conveniently send emails with Google Inbox, Gmail, and even G Suite. It can be used to send templates or even HTML files. You can also send mail merge on behalf of another person.

Mail Merge with Attachments

For Free Download “Click here

Yet Another Mail Merge

This Chrome extension lets you create email campaigns through Gmail and Google Sheets. It is pretty simple to use and you can send personalized emails through it that can also be tracked through it, and you don’t even have to be an adept coder for it. To send merge email using Yet Another Mail Merge, you just have to list the recipients’ emails in Google spreadsheet and include templates as Gmail drafts. Then with just click of a button, all your mass emails will be sent to all the individual recipients, thus saving your time and efforts. It can be used on Gmail or G Suit and you can use the existing Google spreadsheet or even create a new one to create a contact list or use the one that is already there in Google accounts.

Yet Another Mail Merge, Gmail chrome extensions

Click here” to download from play store

Bhim App | Download & Install Bhim Apk on iOS & Android Device | How Send & Receive Money with Bhim app?

Bhim Apk Download

The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has designed and developed a new app called BHIM for all the people. BHIM app is an acronym of Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM). The Government has launched this application for all the people to make easy and cashless payments via their mobile device. It is a great initiative from NPCI that allows the people to make secure and reliable cash transactions through the mobile device. BHIM app is interoperable with different bank accounts and Unified Payment Interface applications.

go cashless with bhim app

This app allows the users to make fastest money transfers and other easy transactions. The BHIM app made available for all the Android device platform users. The Government will soon launch this app for other platform users. The BHIM application is currently available on the Google Play Store app store marketplace. It is pretty much simple for the customers to download and install BHIM app from Play Store. If you don’t want to download BHIM app from Play Store, you can download the APK file of BHIM from some other trusted third party websites. Have a look!

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How to Download & Install BHIM APK on Android & iOS?

Here are the simple steps that help the people to download and install BHIM app apk on your Android and iOS devices:

  • First of all, go to Settings >> Security >> enable Unknown Sources option on your Android device.
  • You have now obtained app permission from your Android device so as to download apps from other third-party websites.
  • Now, navigate to the APK website of BHIM app or google play store and hit the download button.
  • After completing the downloading process of BHIM APK, you can go to the notifications bar on your phone.
  • Just tap on the downloaded apk file and hit ok button to continue the installation.
  • After pressing the install button, the APK file of BHIM app will start the installation process on your Android device.
  • In just a few moments, you can see the installed BHIM app apk on the desktop of your device.
  • That’s all! You have successfully downloaded and installed BHIM APK on your Android device.

You can now start your cashless payments and transactions using BHIM via your mobile device.

How Send & Receive Money with BHIM App?

In order to send and receive cash using the BHIM app, just check out the process:

  • First of all, you need to register your bank account using BHIM and set up a new UPI PIN for the bank account.
  • The registered mobile number of the user is the payment address and you can then start making cash transactions.
  • In order to send money to an unregistered user, you need to have a mobile number, bank account number, IFSC code of the bank and Aadhaar card number.
  • You need to send a request so as to collect the money.

Very Simple right! Hope we have covered in-depth information on downloading Bhim app & how to use Bhim app to transfer money.

Top 6 Police Scanner Apps For Android & iOS | Download Real Time Radio Police Scanner Apps | Local Cop Radio Scanner Apps

People across the world make use of the Android platform in order to acquire access to different beneficial apps. Apart from common people, police also make use of the apps available on the Android platform so as to handle various cases. There are several Police Scanner apps available on the web that lets the users reach the location of the crime on time.

Top Rated Local Police Scanner Apps For Emergency:

#01 Police Scanner

Police Scanner is one of the best Police scanner apps available for all the users across Android device platform. Logicord LLC designed and developed this Police Scanner app for all the Android users. This app allows the users to find the GPS location and capability to listen using internet connection. This app is available for the entire Android device platform users on Google Play Store app store marketplace. App is either available for free of cost & Paid. In order to acquire premium features, the users need to pay some amount.

911 radio police scanner apps

#02 Scanner Radio

This app allows the users to explore an extensive range of channels across the world. Scanner Radio app streams quality channels in the locations like New York in the United States. There are numerous scanners available on the web on the app market. This app offers a simple and clean user interface so that you can acquire easy access to each and every feature available on this app. The one and only one glitch saw in this Scanner Radio app are that it irritates the users with frequent ads.

#03 Police Scanner App

This is another best police scanner app available for all the Android users. This app broadcasts a total of 3500 stations in and across the United States. This app lets the users listen to the scanner from a background. The users can acquire top 100 news feed and provides the ability to explore for different stations near the surroundings. This app is available for free of cost but there are some problems with bugs.

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#04 vPolice Scanner Radio Scanner

This app features more than 3000 police stations in and across the US that include Chicago and a lot more. Despite the app interface appears bad, the users can make use of the best features available on this app.

#05 Broadcastify

This app offers a massive number of channels all over the globe for the users. It provides the ability to listen to the channel and sort it by location and the country. This app has a clean and easy to view user interface that lets the users navigate through this app with much ease. This app offers both free and paid versions for all the users.

#06 Scanner 911

It is one of the popular and best Police Scanner Apps for Android Phones. The quality of sound available on this app is pretty decent. There are numerous settings features available on this app that lets the users solve the issues related to audio. The users can download it from Play Store for free.

These are some of the best free and paid Police Scanner apps available for all the Android users.



Best Video Calling Apps For Android | Video Conferencing Apps For Safest Video Calls | Top Video Calling Apps For Good Call Clarity

Video calling has become an important part of everyone’s life in the modern world where it serves different purposes. You can communicate with your business partners, friends in different countries, or your relatives by using Video Chatting Apps. These applications are providing an excellent face-to-face mode of communication between people. You can simply install these applications from Play Store and use them on your Android Smartphone having a front camera. If you are on a 3G/4G mobile network, you can easily make video calls for free. Video calling has become an immense part of our lives.

Now, you have a great choice of applications that you can choose to use on your Android Smartphone. Chat applications without video calling feature seem worthless nowadays. There is a great competition between these applications, and here are top 9 Video Chatting Apps that you can run on your Smartphone:

Best Video Chatting Apps for Android

  • Google Duo:

    best video call app

Google Duo is an awesome application that enables you to make a video call in high definition. The optimization of this app is done in such a way to work with low bandwidth networks too. There is end-to-end encryption which provides a safe and secure connection between the users. This app can automatically switch between mobile networks and Wi-Fi. In addition to this, there is a special “knock-knock” feature that enables you to see the caller before answering the phone call. This feature is unique and is not available on any other Android Smartphone.

Download From Playstore
  • IMO:

    android video call

IMO allows you to message and make video calls with your friends or family for free. You just need to follow a simple step which requires your phone number registration. This app can provide its services on the 2G network also which makes very convenient. On 3G/4G network, you can make high-definition calls in any part of the world. There is a group chat option also, that can help you to connect simultaneously with your friends. End-to-end encryption provides a secure connection between the users. In addition to this, you can also send photos/videos to your friends.

Download From Playstore
  • Skype:

video phone calls free

Skype allows you to make free and high definition video calls to your friends. With the help of this application, you can take your conversation to a whole new level. You can make one-to-one video calls with any person and it also allows you to make group calls during an online conference. You can also share you highlights of the day, and people can react to these by using different stickers. It allows you to connect face-to-face even when you are miles apart. You can also share your moments of the day even when they are offline. These Skype calls are free whereas additional data charges may apply depending on your mobile operator. It is a highly efficient and reliable app for business purposes and personal use.

Download From Playstore

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  • Tango:

free video calling apps

Tango is an application that allows you to connect with your friends with the help of face-to-face video calls. You can avail the best calling feature on this platform which is completely free. This app also provides special face masks during a video call which is great fun when you are talking with your friends. In addition to this, it also supports games, and also allows you to send stickers during the video call. This is one of the best features that you can see in Tango. You can talk with a group of friends all at once. You can also follow and interact with people all around the world which allow you to share photos/videos with them.

Download From Playstore
  • YeeCall:

best video chat,video chatting apps

It is a reliable application that allows you to make high definition video calls with your friends and family. This app also includes “Beautify” feature during a video call, which can make your skin look smoother and remove the wrinkles. You can also send/share your moments of the day with your family. This app also supports group video call feature, which you can use for business purposes. In addition, there is a special “ChatFun” feature where you can meet new friends from all over the world.

Download From Playstore
  • Hangouts:

group video chat app

Hangout is one of the most popular video calling applications for Android Smartphones. The designing of this application is done by keeping in mind your basic requirements. This app is very simple to use and more reliable. You can talk with anyone face-to-face with just a single tap. This app is free to use and you can have ten participants while making a video call.

Download From Playstore
  • ICQ:

best video conferencing app

ICQ is more solid video calling application which also has a built-in messenger service. It comes with a password lock security which makes the platform more safe and secure to use. You can use this app to avoid call or text charges which make it reliable. This app is free to download. These video calls are fully encrypted and allow you to interact over a secure connection. The messaging side of this app is also good and video calling works smoothly over 3g connections.

Download From Playstore
  • JusTalk:

3 way video calling app, face chat

This is one of the best applications which focus more on video calling feature. You can easily link it with your Facebook account to connect with your family and friends easily. One can also include group chats and free voice calls. There is no delay during the video call and you can use it over 2G, 3G, or 4G. Thus, it’s a more reliable app that one can find in Play Store.

Download From Playstore
  • Wechat:

video chatting, call chatting, new video chat app

Wechat is a very famous video calling application and more than 150 million people are using this app worldwide Wechat is a real platform for meeting up new people and connect with them through a video call. It allows you to chat in groups where you can add more friends. One can also send stickers and make free video calls through Wechat. You can also look for friends in People Nearby option. This is one of the best and reliable applications in the Play Store.

Download From Playstore

10 Ultimate Note Taking Apps | A Note Taker Application to Remind Yourself | Note Talking Software For Windows, Mac

Busy people want to keep everything easily accessible to them in this fast pace of the life, like reminders, to-do-lists, grocery items, and other daily activities. Some go for note-taking with a pen and paper that is the traditional way, as it works for them. However, if you have a tablet or a smartphone, getting a note-taking app will be an ideal option that can really bring some innovations in getting the things done. Here is the collection of 10 best note-taking apps that one can use for either personal or professional purposes. So, start with them:

Best Note Taking & Sharing Apps For Android & iPhone:

  1. Evernote (Free/Rs. 1,500 Per year)

best note taking software,Best Note taking apps

Download From Website

If you have ever tried to use an app for taking the notes, you might have come across Evernote. This extremely beneficial tool is designed to create notes and organize them into notebooks that can be synced with a number of devices. It gives 60MB of free space to upload files to the cloud. It can clip images and web pages, search for text in images and then use it as a collaborative tool to work on notes and share with other users. To get advanced features, go for a premium subscription.

  1. OneNote (Free/$100 Per year)

best note taking app for windows

Download From Website

This Microsoft app is helpful if you use the Microsoft Office regularly such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, as it has complete integration with the entire suite. Using this app will let you type, write, or draw with the pen. Pinning can also be used to find anything you want. The features include whiteboard image capturing, slideshow exhibition with automatic cropping, and built-in recording. So, use OneNote to work together with others and have an access to the most updated versions of the notes from anywhere.

  1. GoogleKeep (Free)

note taking program

Download From Website

Need a more visual approach? It is the best option to get the entire stuff in one place like images, ideas, and audio clips. With color code and other features, you can easily find the notes and share with others to access and edit. This app lets you set up location-based or time-based reminders, making remembrance easier. An extra feature is the voice memo to allow you record a message on your own for an instant note in an audio format.

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  1. Quip (Free/$30 Per month)

apps like evernoteapps like evernote

Download From Website

Owned by Salesforce, Quip has been in a great demand because of its document creation service for teams for a long time. This fast, strong, and reliable note-taking app can help create folders and comments that permit teams to interact over meeting documents and notes. Its interesting features include share task lists and documents, chat and messaging, spreadsheets, and much more that can be accessed on any device and at any time. It also allows you to import and export the docs from other apps and cloud services.

  1. SimpleNote (Free/$19.99 Per year)

free notebook apps

Download From Website

Looking for a stripped app with a minimal and clean interface? Then, SimpleNote is for you. Known for efficiency and speed, it can assist you to create as many notes as you want and then keep them all arranged with the basic features like search and tag. It can automatically sync the data when changes are made. A nifty slider feature can give you a chance to go back in time to back versions of the notes that are saved automatically before making the changes.

  1. NoteBook (Free)

onenote alternative

Download From Playstore

It is similar to GoogleKeep. With the Zoho’s NoteBook app, you can create a checklist card for a story or grocery items. With it, you work on with inline images or can use an audio card of the voice or a sketch card. What can you do? Organizing your notes into notebooks, copying, reordering, grouping, or flicking them can be done to get what you are seeking for easily.

  1. Squid (Free/Premium)

best note taking applications

Download From Playstore

This note-taking app gets the old-fashioned pen and paper and then remodels it with digital features made to improve your experience. Using your stylus or finger to handwrite notes will give you the feeling like you are doing it on the paper. There is a toolbar at every note that can use to customize the ink, for duplicating, resizing, zooming in or out, and much more.

  1. DropBox Paper(Free)

top note taking app for android

Download From Playstore

Do you use Dropbox? If yes, then it is a must-have note-taking app in your device. It serves as a flexible workspace that will prevent the distraction when people are working together. Don’t get disappointed by its minimal design, it has many advanced features to offer. This app can be used to create new documents, edit current ones, post and reply to comments, see the activity of the team in one organized list, prioritize documents, and much more.

  1. Bear(Free/$14.99 Per year)

best note taker apps,best note taking app for mac

Download From Apple App Store

Having an elegant design, it is one of the flexible apps to be used for taking the notes. Designed for both in-depth essays and quick notes with advanced markup features, you can insert links, images, and a lot more. Focus mode can be used to let you focus during longer periods. Typography and theme customization is the interesting feature of this app. There is a wide range of editing tools that can be used to optimize the notes, add to-dos to a particular note, and then tag any note with a particular hashtag.

  1. Notability (Free/$4.99 for iOS)

top note taking apps

Download From Apple App Store

With this note-taking app, you will definitely fall in love. If you love to write, draw, sketch, or doodle by hand, then this app is genuinely made for you. It has an incredible suite of advanced tools. It can let you combine your drawn or handwritten work with typed text, videos and photos, and then zoom in anywhere on the note while taking a closer look. Only available for Apple devices, it can give you a path to do some pretty and wonderful things with the PDF files. You can add annotations to the things, sign them, fill them out, and send them off.


The best note-taking apps give you the best experience while taking the notes. Most of them are available for all devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and so on, but some of them are only for Apple devices. So, check them out!




SnapChat Saver Apps | Download Saved SnapChat Media on Android | Apps That Save SnapChat Pictures & Videos

The Snapchat is a well-knowing, top growing and popular messenger application which is ideal for both the tablet and Android smartphone.  It is commonly famous for sending videos and photos quickly and easily. Now, many Android phone users love to utilize this messenger application to easily share their emotions and feeling through both the videos and photos. Along with this, it also allows users to share the stories.  If you use this Snapchat app, you need to know the best way to save videos and photos. Using the right Snapchat Saver application is a smart way for quickly saving the photos as well as videos on your android phone. Choosing the perfect Snapchat saver is a daunting task because there are numerous options available for Android.  For easing the app selection, this post shares you the 5 best and effective SnapChat Saver tool, so you can consider them to pick the right one without any confusion. If you like to save videos and photos from this messenger app, you can download and use these most popular Snapchat saver applications.

SnapChat  Saver Apps, Smart Save Your Media:


It is the well-known and most popular Snapchat Saver tool that includes lots of unique features. The app will entirely change the original messenger application. You can easily download videos and photos from your messenger application by using this tool. It is essential to know that this snapchat saver tool is available for both iOS and Android devices.  It is an excellent android application that appears as a perfect alternative to an official client of Snapchat.  The major feature of this tool is that it allows you quickly save the snaps on mobile. The interesting information about this app is that it does not need any root access. Moreover, it is completely free to use and download. The official app of Snapchat will automatically delete every snap after some time. You can also open your Snapchat messages, pictures, or videos by using SnapSave because it helps you to save them easily in the phone memory. It comes with many useful features, including:

  • The receive never notified regarding the saved snaps
  • It does not need root access
  • Simple interface and simple to use
  • Save the Snapchat stories, images, and videos

save snapchat media

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Try to download videos and images from your Snapchat message in a fast and easy manner? Then SaveMySnaps is the right choice for your needs.  You can use SaveMySnaps app for free. It is not just SnapChat Video saver tool or SnapChat photo saver tool but also functions as a Snap Story saving tool.   Apart from that, you can direct forward or send the saves stories, videos and images to your Snapchat friends or other users by using it. Most importantly, it has a new search option that aids you in finding your favorite videos or pictures to download them quickly. There are many built-in picture edition features also available in the application. You can utilize them for adding colors, fonts or captions. It is vital to know that this tool is only obtainable for the Android users. It includes many features such as:

  • Save images and stories
  • Send the snaps from your gallery and camera
  • Zoom camera option while taking video or photo
  • Add certain captions to the saved snaps
  • You can draw on the snaps
  • It has custom caption fonts
  • Gallery to easily view saved snaps
  • Large color selection while drawing on your snaps
  • Drawing effects


It is a famous and well-known SnapChat saver which is only obtainable for the Android users.  It also includes lots of features to bring you excellent user experience with your Snapchat messenger.  By using this app, you can download pictures and videos without facing any challenges.   It is also ideal for send videos or images from your Android phone gallery to other Snapchat users. Along with this, this app also comes with many built-in stickers that let users enjoy more while chatting with their family or friends through Snapchat.  Here are the features of Casper as follow:

  • Another interesting feature of Casper is that it lets user forward stories easily to the other Snapchat friends and users.
  • When you really loved an image your friend sent you, then you can share it with other friends.
  • Also, you can add many filters and stickers to any image you take.

4. SnapSaver for Snapchat

It is a new SnapChat saver tool for Android devices which is now available in Play store. It is not obtainable for the iOS users.  Similar to other saver apps, you can download videos and images without notifying any snaps sender.  Through, you require downloading the pictures using this tool before directly viewing it.  Apart from that, this application works fine. It comes with a user-friendly and simple interface.  Most importantly, this lightweight application is ideal for both the fast user and beginners. It has many unique and convenient features that include:

  • This Saver for Snapchat is easy and quick to use
  • You can just install as well as log into this app with the Snapchat credentials
  • It does not identify the time expiry of your Snapchat videos and images, so you can keep the images and videos for a long time


This SnapKeep is one of the newly released tools which are available for iOS and Android users. By using this application, you can easily save stories, videos, snaps directly from your Snapchat messenger application to your phone gallery.  You can save all snaps you received from your friends. It let the user save all the videos and photos from messenger application so that they keep them everlastingly. The best portion of this app is that the sender does not know. For knowing the features of this app, you can read this passage.

  • Download every unseen snap and let users save them to their photos app
  • Sender never know that you save the snap
  • It supports both videos and photos
  • Easy to use


These are renowned and favorite snapchat saver app, so you can pick and use the right app to get more enjoyment and wonderful experience while using SnapChat.





How Much Does Netflix Subscription Cost Per Month ? Netflix Plans Comparision | Netflix Premium & Standard

Netflix is online streaming service to watch movies, tv shows online.You can watch movies on various platforms like Android phones,iPhones,iPad, Computer and all internet devices.

Netflix is a legal service which is available for the monthly subscription price. The monthly subscription price of Netflix varies from each country.Netflix service is available in almost every country in the world [ except China, North Korea, Syria etc ].Worldwide Subscription count of Netflix is more than 75 Million and subscribers count is still growing.

Netflix Cost | Netflix subscription Price Comparison

netflix pricing

Netflix Service is available in 3 Plans…Depending on your requirements you can choose the plan which suits your needs.

1)Basic Plan

The basic plan of Netflix is the cheapest of all.You can stream movies and Tv shows instantly and download them.

HD & Ultra HD Movies / TV  Shows and Documentaries are not available on Basic Plan

With Netflix Basic plan only one device can be accessed through your account.

You can watch Unlimited Videos on any device you want [ of course the device should be connected to the internet].

You can cancel Basic Subscription Plan anytime.

2)Standard Plan

Netflix Standard Plan is next level of Basic Plan.

In this plan, you will get all the features on Netflix basic plan.

Main Difference between Basic Plan and the Standard plan is “You can connect two devices for viewing videos simultaneously.

HD Videos are available with Standard Plan.

3)Premium Plan

Name itself suggests, it is the best and costliest plan on Netflix.

With Netflix premium plan, you can watch both HD & Ultra Hd Videos on Your Device.

Simultaneously, you can connect four devices for offline viewing.

Netflix Packages :

Netflix cost varies in each country.Here you will get information on “How much Netflix charges each month” in different countries.

Netflix Cost in the USA

Plan Price
Basic $ 7.99 Per Month
Standard $ 9.99 Per Month
Premium $ 11.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in the UK

Plan Price
Basic 6.99 Pounds per Month
Standard 7.49 Per Month
Premium 8.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in India

Plan Price
Basic Rs 500 per Month
Standard Rs 650 Per Month
Premium Rs 800 per Month

Netflix Cost in Australia

Plan Price
Basic 8.99 Australian $ Per Month
Standard 11.99 Per Month
Premium 14.99 Per Month

Netflix First Month Free Trail :

Netflix has come up with Free One Month Trail Option for its users.With this feature, you can very easily find “whether Netflix is worth or not”..”Which Netflix plan suits you the best”..and many more queries at single shot can be solved with the free monthly plan.

After the Free Trial, if you like their service you can continue the subscription.Or else you can cancel the service.

Netflix Features :

1)Unlimited Movies & Tv Shows:

Netflix is leading paid streaming service which has a huge collection of movies, documentaries & TV shows.You can find almost every movie on Netflix.No other service in the world will give this opportunity.

2)No Advertisements.

You won’t see advertisements while playing movies and TV Shows.As it is a paid platform, they won’t show any commercial ads in between like on Youtube.

With this feature, you can watch videos on Netflix uninterruptedly without any irritation.

3)Free One Month Trail
4)Supports All Device

You can stream from Netflix on any device which has internet connection like smartphones,iPads, Computers, Chromecast etc.

Can you Watch 3d Movies on Netflix?


In the year 2012 Netflix has officially announced that they are going to serve 3d movies to their subscribers.

But unfortunately, now they have stopped showing 3d movies on Netflix due to some issues.

Netflix DVD / Bluray Plan

This Netflix plan is available in the United States of America.With this plan, you can rent DVDs & Blu-rays on Netflix.Shipping is free of cost.

As per the latest information, a total of 93000 movies and Tv shows are available for delivery.

netflix dvd bluray plan

Netflix Bluray Plan is available in 3 Packages




Netflix offers first-month free trail on DVD Plan [ for all the three packages].Later on, they will charge $4.99 for a starter package,$ 7.99 for a Standard plan,$11.99 for Premier one.

Just follow the link to subscribe to Netflix

Modi Keynote App Download & Scan Rs 2000 & 500 Currency Notes | Modi Note App

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had shown a massive impact on each and every citizen from India by demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. With the ban of big notes, people started making use of online transactions like net banking and mobile wallets. In the current era, there are numerous digital wallet applications such as Paytm and Freecharge. It has become quite difficult for people to get change for Rs 2000 notes. A Bangalore-based start-up Company namely Barra Skull Studios has launched a new application called Modi KeyNote app. This app displays the speech of PM Narendra Modi regarding black money and ban of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. Here is everything you need to know about Modi KeyNote app for your Android device.

Modi KeyNote App

Download Modi Keynote app

The newly launched Modi KeyNote app is available for all the Android device users. This app is available on Google Play Store. The start-up company had not yet spoken a word on the launch of this app for iOS users. This app works only when you place your Android smartphone on the new currency notes. The developers have developed this Modi KeyNote app just for fun and it is not intended for the users to verify whether the notes or original or not. This new application works perfectly on Xerox, Screenshot of 500 and 2000 notes and the original notes. This application developed based on the augmented reality technology. The video that appears on the Android device buffers for more time and you need to place the Rs 2000 note in a particular angle so as to watch the video with the best clarity.

How to download & Install Modi KeyNote App on your Android device?

The recently launches Modi KeyNote app is currently available on the Google Play Store app store marketplace. The current latest version of Modi KeyNote app available on Play Store is 1.7. This app requires Android 4.4 and above versions of operating system. As of now, millions of people have already downloaded and installed Modi KeyNote app on their Android device. This application recently updated on 5th January 2017. In this post, we have come up with a detailed step by step guide that lets the users download and install Modi KeyNote app on your Android mobile device:

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How to Scan Notes with ModiKey Note App

  • First of all, go to Google Play Store app store official web page from your Android device.
  • The default application is present on each and every Android smartphone.
  • On the home page of Play Store, you need to enter the name of the app in the search field.
  • From the search results, you can pick the right application to download on your phone.
  • Just tap on install button to continue with the installation process.
  • You can now navigate to the notifications bar and click on the installed app.
  • Launch Modi KeyNote app on your phone and start using this app on your phone.

That’s all! This is the easy process to download and install Modi KeyNote app on your Android phone.


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